The second DEATH STAR has just been destroyed. DARTH VADER and his master THE EMPEROR are no more.

There is talk of a new beginning. A NEW REPUBLIC. But did the REBELS really believe the war would just end with the demise of two people? Despite a few celebrations on scattered, distant worlds, an entire galaxy still cowers under the might of the IMPERIAL ARMY.

There’s no time to rest. ALLIANCE HIGH COMMAND is eager to move forward. They came. They saw. They blew shit up. And then they took the Fleet and left.

But for you, there are more pressing matters at hand. The falling wreckage of the DEATH STAR has caused a planet-wide ecological disaster on the forest moon of ENDOR, as hordes of EWOKS threaten to retaliate against you, the well-intentioned harbingers of their demise. Meanwhile, Imperial stragglers remain in hiding under the cover of nuclear winter, waiting for their next opportunity to strike…


Star Wars: The New Republic

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