Star Wars: The New Republic

Episode II, Part III: I'm Mon Mothma, And I Approve This Message

The New Republicans

Inside the elevator, Algae overrides the security and the crew makes it to the second floor despite An’imol’s confusion and objections. Down the hallway, in front of a door, stand two Imperial Royal Guards; then a dark robed woman exits the room and begins discussing something with an Imperial officer. Algae finds a terminal and discovers that their New Republic disc has been catalogued in the Transmission room halfway down the hall. Sarge leads the group to the room while the Imperials are distracted.

Inside, Algae nimbly shuts down the RA-7 droid in charge of the Transmissions before it can react, while Dundalk finds the holodisc. They shut the door from inside, and as the black robed figure passes, Dundalk can feel her dark presence as she stops and stares at the closed door. He can feel his very mind and soul being probed, but wards off her curious attempts. Then she leaves.

The crew peeks their heads out to see the Royal Guards and the woman at the elevator. While the others wait inside the Transmission library, only Sarge and Algae sneak into the Broadcast room. Inside is a massive wall of monitor upon monitor, and on the floor, countless Imperial technicians in front of more monitors being barked at by a slew of Imperial propaganda directors. It’s dark and quite chaotic. Sarge menacingly emerges from the shadows and scares away a technician at his computer, giving Algae enough time to pop in the New Republic newsreel and override the signal.

Sarge easily saps the nearby Imperial director, but the images on the monitors make the nearby technicians turn around. Another Imperial director notices and tries to thwart Algae, but he’s largely ineffectual. Meanwhile, seeing that the Royal Guards are returning back to their post, Dundalk calls them over to the Transmission room, where a battle ensues. The Guards, clearly outmatching the crew, easily wound Aniro and Rake, while Dundalk and An’imol surrender and are tossed to the side.

In order to keep the transmission going, Algae has to fight off the efforts of a nearby technician who is trying to end the broadcast prematurely. Algae manages to do so, except for the part where Mon Mothma and Princess Leia endorse the New Republic message (oh well?). As the confused room of technicians begins to finally get wise and close in on Sarge and Algae, the two hightail it out. However, Aniro, Rake and An’imol have already fled the Transmission room and gotten down to the first floor, while Dundalk stayed behind and messed with the door’s control panel to keep the Guards and himself locked inside. Even after threats of violence, Dundalk won’t open the door, but somehow manages to dodge the Guards’ strikes.

Refusing to leave Dundalk behind, Sarge turns around in the chaos and kicks down the Transmission room door. With the Royal Guards in pursuit, Sarge leads the crew out, saving An’imol’s life, and they all escape to the Bith’s ship as the streets begin to crowd in raucous anti-Imperial celebration upon hearing of the New Republic’s news. After retrieving An’imol’s family, and convincing him that he can start a new life with the New Republic, they blast off into hyperspace.

Aniro: Level Up (5 + Brains XP)
Algae: Level Up (5 + Brains XP)
Dundalk: Level Up (6 + Brains XP) (extra for Trouble)
Rake: Level Up (5 + Brains XP)
Sarge: Level Up (5 + Brains XP)



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