Star Wars: The New Republic

Episode III, Part I: Jingle All The Way

Life Day Special

It’s Life Day. Commander Blump says that Mon Mothma is upset over her endorsement getting cut short during the crew’s mission. In order to make it up to her, Blump wants the crew to go to Tatooine and track down the Shyriwook Tabernacle Choir, Mothma’s favorite band, for a special Life Day celebration on Home One. (He also wants them to pick up a Limited Edition Luke Skywalker action figure as a Life Day gift for his estranged son).

Dundalk, Aniro, Algae and An’imol search the latest planetary news to discover that the Choir’s scheduled show has been cancelled at the Mos Eisley Cantina. When they go to investigate, Algae gets in a fight with a Jawa, and they’re eventually pointed to the Dewback Inn where the Wookiees were said to have been staying. Another feisty Jawa reluctantly lets them search the Wookiees’ room, which is now in shambles. They find a note written in Shyriwook that sends them in the direction of Wayfar, a town a few hours away.

They hire a taxi to Wayfar, and decide to hit up the big mall for the Luke Skywalker action figure first. Inside it’s a madhouse of consumers trying to get the last of the figures, and the crew is too late. Aniro gets trampled by the crowd. Algae and Dundalk try intimidating a large Abyssin named Syn’batt, but he won’t give up the figure.

As they continue to argue, a swoop gang bursts through the aisles demanding everyone give up their Luke figures, as they slash any resisters with their vibroblades. Aniro tries to throw a grenade at them, but fails. Then he blames it on Syn’batt who attempts to run away. But a gang member zooms up to him and decapitates the poor bastard in front of everyone. To keep up the charade, Aniro asks how they can join the swoop gang. His answer: go to Old Jabba’s Palace, for initiation in front of King Trassk.

Aniro: 5 XP
Dundalk: 5 XP
Algae: 5 XP



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