Star Wars: The New Republic

Episode III, Part II: Keep On Rockin'

Life Day Special

Dundalk, Rake, and An’imol go to Old Jabba’s Palace to join the Trassk Gang. They pay their Duros taxi driver to take them to the site and wait for a day. Outside the palace, a group of hoodlums and ruffians waits around. A Weequay named Bobo’bo confronts Dundalk, noting that he doesn’t look like Trassk material, and they learn that King Trassk is running a war on Life Day. Then palace door droid addresses the group, and tells everyone to gear up and prepare for the deathmatch.

Hearing this, Dundalk and Rake sneak away and find a back entrance. Dundalk uses his tools to break in, entering a small tunnel blocked off by another gate. After unlocking it, the crew is ambushed by a baby krayt dragon, which is held captive in a large circular room. The krayt’s serpentine body blocks off Dundalk and Rake, allowing only An’imol to escape the room down a hallway. Dundalk and Rake run towards another gate on the other side of the room, and Dundalk breaks through before the krayt can do serious harm.

The two walk up a staircase to a corridor overlooking Jabba’s former rancor pit, where the deathmatch is taking place, as King Trassk and his entourage watch from above. At the other end of the corridor is a door. Dundalk hears pig grunts and the distinctive yelps of An’imol on the other side.

A fight breaks out when Dundalk and Rake try to rescue An’imol who’s been captured by Gamorrean Guards. When things are looking bleak, An’imol pulls out a grenade he had taken from the New Republican, and throws it. In the blast, a Gamorrean is killed, but so is An’mol. As his guts spill out, he tells Dundalk to “keep on rockin”. But the remaining Gamorrean wins out, knocking out Dundalk (who feigns death on the floor), and dragging Rake below into the dungeons of the palace.

A couple days pass, and Dundalk wakes up on a skiff among other dead bodies. He hops down to the sand, and is noticed by Bobo’bo who confuses the Ithorian with another new recruit named Tenn’lok. Bobo’bo chides Dundalk for not wearing his Trassk leather jacket, and takes him to get one fitted. Having no money, Dundalk convinces Bobo’bo and the service droid to put it on Bobo’bo’s tab. Later on, Dundalk puts a Luke Skywalker action figure on Bobo’bo’s tab, which he buys at full black market price.

After that, the Ithorian heads to the dungeon, where he tricks some Gamorrean guards into teasing the Wookiees with the Luke action figure, mocking the spirit of Life Day. He even gets one to open the cell, and the Wookiees break loose, making quick work of the pig men. The Wookiees thank Dundalk, even honoring him a life debt, and the group escapes into the garage where they steal a skiff and T-16 Skyhopper, heading off to Mos Eisley.

Dundalk: 5 XP
Rake: 5 XP



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