Star Wars: The New Republic

Episode III, Part III: Wookiee Detour

Life Day Special

Back at Mos Eisley, Dundalk and Rake reunite with Sarge and Algae, along with the Shyriwook Tabernacle Choir. But before they can mourn the loss of An’imol for too long, Tenn’lok the Ithorian comes speeding up on his swoop looking for retribution. He’s been disgraced and wants his money, and Dundalk dead. He tries throwing a grenade at the skiff, but misses badly and swerves out of control into a wall as the crew escapes.

Koarr’kee, Dundalk’s new albino-Wookiee-life-debt-partner, offers to fly the ship and handle the astrogation, which everyone finds very agreeable. But when the ship comes out of hyperspace, it’s revealed that they’re orbiting Kashyyyk. Zewblarr, the Choir leader, reveals that these Wookiees are not just a Life Day musical act, they are freedom fighters looking to emancipate their homeworld, which the Alliance and New Republic have not prioritized. For a large sum of money, the Wookiees ask the crew to help them enact their plan, which has been in the works for some time: they want to destroy the Imperial generators that power the largest prisons on the planet, thus paving way for a mass revolution. But they’ll have to break the blockade and fly down into the Shadowlands to pull it off.

After some discussion, the crew agrees, and Algae tries to forge some codes but comes up short. So Sarge blasts through the blockade line, narrowly escaping the pull of a tractor beam. It becomes a chase with three TIES hot in pursuit as the Senator Stubbs hurtles down to the Shadowlands, flying through dense trees. They’re able to dispatch two TIEs, but can’t shake the third. So Sarge lands the ship in the Shadowlands, and the group makes a break for it, leaving the Stubbs behind, probably for good.

Zewblarr leads the group to a site where his contacts have buried a cache of bombs to destroy the generators. Then the group splits up into three, and the Stubbs crew heads east towards their destination. The trek goes smoothly until they encounter a pair of swamptroopers. Rake hops on a stray kinrath and engages the troopers, while Algae notices that they’re right near a cliff, and shoves one of the troopers down to his demise. The second trooper, named Bert, surrenders and agrees to “help,” bringing them to the generator which is surrounded by a extremely tall and electric perimeter fence.

Dundalk and Algae open the gate with Bert’s codes, to reveal a rather shabby display by Imperial standards. Two swamptroopers, one of them pantsless, sit at a small outside terminal, which is dwarfed by the massive generator. In the corner is a modest shack and an AT-PT. Feeling themselves outmatched, the troopers surrender on the conditions that Algae can expedite their resignation paperwork (thus allowing them to retain their pensions), and two, that they can sign an agreement with the New Republic. After that’s settled, they set the explosives and watch the generator explode.

Dundalk: 5 XP
Sarge: 5 XP
Algae: 5 XP
Rake: 5 XP



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