Star Wars: The New Republic

Episode IV, Part II: Taxi Driver

Settling Debts

The crew heads to Nar Shaddaa to cash in on their 50,000 credits from the Wookiees. But when they go to meet Koarkee’s contact in an abandoned warehouse, they find a freshly dead Wookiee without any credits. Dundalk uses the Force to see a vision of a black tower after touching the Wookiee’s keycards. A bit of investigation leads them out into an alley, where a homeless dude reveals that a Duros woman came running out of the building and caught a taxi. Was it Bei’loo, who just parted ways with the crew???

At the nearest internet cafe, Algae hacks into the system of a local taxi company and alerts all on duty drivers to hold a suspicious looking Duros woman. When one of the drivers calls Algae back, the Monkey Lizard tries to direct him back to their location, but the sound of a blaster shot cuts the call short. Mistaking this interaction for a virtual reality videogame, one of the patrons at the cafe gets roped into driving the crew downtown in his mother’s speeder.

As they blaze through the streets, they attract attention from Nar Shaddaa police and end up surrounded by the time they reach the dead cab driver’s vehicle. Bei’loo is nowhere to be found. After trying to trick the cops, everyone scatters, but Algae gets caught. It takes Rake’s new frog-dog pet to retrieve the little guy, and they all manage to escape into the busy streets.

Reconvening at Lenny’s diner, Arn’imol shows up with a blaster that he slams down on the table, asking the group how they should proceed. Sarge, realizing that the Bith kid needs some discipline, ends up slapping Arn’imol across the face. Eventually they decide they need to search the taxi, which is now in possession of the cops. So Algae is tossed over a barbed wire fence surrounding the nearest precinct, and he infiltrates the building. He manages to hack into a computer and find the recently inputted evidence, discovering that a Bei’loo’s comlink was left in the taxi, and she made a call to someone named Barrick Jees.

With address in hand, the crew goes to the apartment of Barrick Jees via the fire escape. Sarge sneaks like a cat through the window and puts his blaster to the back of Barrick’s head. The guy turns out to be cooperative. He and Bei’loo used to be lovers, and ran together as pirates. She was not a damsel in distress. She was a ruthless pirate whose crew turned on her. Barrick says the woman is crazy; she wanted to run away with him and her newfound money, but he wanted no part of it. He suspects she would contacted the Black Sun, which she’s had ties with before.



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