Star Wars: The New Republic

Episode IV, Part III: Down A Dark Alleyway

Settling Debts

In an attempt to track down the Black Sun, and find the black tower that he saw in his vision, Dundalk asks around the shadier parts of Nar Shaddaa for any leads. On his first bite, the crew follows a seemingly trustworthy individual down a dark alley, and walk into an ambush. In the fray Dundalk is incapacitated, so Aniro is forced to cut a deal. The criminals want Arn’imol to sell him on the black market, but Aniro refuses, instead offering Ke’chik who’s still on the ship. They take Aniro and Dundalk as collateral, while Algae must retrieve the Ewok. Since the criminals haven’t ever seen an Ewok, Algae devises a plan to shear the taint fur from Koarkee, and paste it on himself. Thus, as a makeshift Ewok, they’ll release Aniro and figure it out from there.

Fortunately, the criminals fall for Algae’s ruse, but of course in doing so, they capture the Monkey Lizard Ewok. So the battle resumes, but this time with the help of Sarge, who provides enough firepower to get the job done. Upon checking the dead criminals’ bodies, they discover that they hold the same keycards that Dundalk found on the Wookiee contact. They were Black Sun. Shaken by his brush with death, Dundalk is tired and wants to go home. He gets into an argument with Koarkee (yet again), and tells the Wookiee that his life debt has been paid. A bit shocked, Koarkee takes his leave as amicably as possible, saying that if they ever need help, they can give him a call.

After some soul searching, the group decides that they can’t give up on these 50,000 credits, so they head to the black tower after deducing its whereabouts from one of the criminal’s datapads. They’re met at the door by a Trandoshan, who is skeptical of their claims to be Yargon Xat, but nonetheless ushers them in without their weapons.

Inside, they meet an Arcona named Mr. Get, who is accompanied by two Noghri bodyguards. He sits the group down and probes them for information, tricking them into revealing that they aren’t Yargon Xat and his crew, but in fact New Republicans. Aware of the Bei’loo’s situation, who’s hiding out at this very headquarters, Mr. Get proposes that he’ll return the 50,000 credits to the crew if they do a little job for him. An Imperial Agent named Leirin Gaes has been poking her nose into Black Sun affairs, and consolidating Imperial assets. As a result, the Empire has backed out of numerous deals, and Mr. Get believes Gaes now has the ear of the Vigo. Mr. Get wants her dead. Despite their reservations, the crew accepts…



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