Star Wars: The New Republic

Episode IV, Part IV - VII: Contract Killers

Settling Debts

The crew infiltrates the hotel where the dark Force User Leirin Gaes is staying during her time on Nar Shaddaa. Sarge, posing as a maid, gets inside her room with a grenade and engages in a fight with Stormtroopers. He manages to kill Gaes, while getting wounded by the troopers. Algae shuts off the lights to cause confusion, and the crew splits up and makes it out of the hotel.

Mr. Get hands over the money and Bei’loo after he’s persuaded not to kill her. Bei’loo half-apologizes and interests the crew in her revenge plot, promising them any loot, as long as she can steal her ship back from the pirate Yargon Xat.

Yargon Xat and his crew are at the The Graveyard, the former location of Alderaan, which is now just a sea of asteroids. Rumor has it that a shielded royal Alderaanian vault would have survived the destruction, which has drawn in pirates and mercenaries from all over the galaxy. After failing to find the vault or Yargon Xat, the crew sends out a broadcast telling the other pirates to end their searches because the Tortoise has recovered the treasure. This draws in a pirate ship that immediately ionizes the ship, and boards it. In a tenuous battle, the crew opens a ship hatch to evacuate the atmosphere, sucking two of the pirates out into space. However, they didn’t account for assassin droids!

While finishing off the assassin droids, Yargon Xat arrives. Algae pilots the dead pirates’ ship, but gets hit and suffers life-threatening injuries. The Tortoise is outmatched, but Rake notices a space slug in the asteroids; so Aniro leads Yargon’s ship to its destruction, as the massive slug snatches it out of space.

Disappointed that her ship has been destroyed, Bei’loo pushes the crew to search for the royal vault. After scouring the field, they come upon an asteroid with abnormal energy signals. It turns out there’s already a group attempting to get inside the vault, which is protected by a strong energy field. Bei’loo takes their ship and leaves, while the crew goes inside the asteroid and attacks the crew. Aniro takes most of them out with a grenade, (and also the portable atmosphere device), but the crew is manhandled by the mercs.

Algae persuades the merc leader to let him try to open the vault, which seems impossible. Dundalk, who remained in the Tortoise, rigs the ship’s sensors to act as an EMP and cuts out the vault’s shield. Inside the vault filled with Alderaanian riches is a computer, which demands a special code. When Algae can’t hack it, the door slams shut from the inside, locking him and the merc inside. with breathable air running low.

The only way the crew can get Algae out is by blasting the asteroid to bits before the air runs out. The Kowakian is badly injured in the blasts but he survives, while the merc leader is killed. However, the only treasure they can salvage is a small gold statue of Bail Organa.



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