Algernon Crosby III [MISSING]

Plucky Code Monkey/Lizard.


Kowakian Monkey Lizard

Slicer 4
Spy 3
Operative 1
Entertainer 1

Salacious Cackle: Once per adventure, you can declare an NPC must roll twice and take the worse result during a social interaction.

Defense: 5d+2
Attack: 6D


Hacker: You are never considered an Unauthorized User when first attempting to slice a computer. When you use a Force Point on a Computers check, if you roll a 5 or 6 you can roll again.
Find Terminal: You can make a Streetwise Check to find a computer terminal wherever you are.
Computer Spike: Twice per adventure, you can give yourself +1D on a Computers Check before you make a roll.
Camouflage: Once per adventure, can reroll a sneak check. Also, it never counts as an action to find cover.
Recon: Can make a Subterfuge check to make up a fact about a specific location, or group of people.
Saboteur: Once per adventure, you can give an NPC a -1D penalty to an opposed Skill Check against you or an ally. Also, when you compromise or destroy equipment, vehicles, or buildings, etc., you may use Subterfuge instead of Mechanics.
Forger You can roll twice and take the better result when making a Subterfuge Check to forge things electronically.
False Identity: Once per adventure, you can make a Subterfuge Check to create a ready made, full-fledged false identity for yourself or an ally, usable during one encounter.
Undercover: You have access to elaborate makeup and prosthetics to change your own appearance greatly, moreso than what would normally be permittable. You get +1D to Subterfuge Checks when preparing or using a disguise. If you’re a basically humanoid alien, you can make an additional Subterfuge Check to fit into “found” human clothes and helmets despite your shape.
Ommni Box: Using the raw beats of the ommni-box, you can make an Entertain Check to pacify a crowd or incite a riot.


Brains 3

Technology 4

Cunning 4

Agility 3

Brawn 1

Wisdom 1


Tech 4D
Computers: 6D+2 You use Computers to access information, manipulate systems, and write programs on computers.
Droids: 5D You use Droids to repair, program, and operate droids.
Operations: 5D+2 You use Operations to use any piece of equipment, device, or ship system.

Agility 3D
Dexterity: 4D You use Dexterity to perform feats of dexterity, such as tumbling, diving, and moving out of the way.
Sneak: 5D+2

Cunning 4D
Subterfuge 6D+1 use Subterfuge to disguise yourself, forge physical and electronic documents, conceal things, perform sleights of hand, and gamble.
Entertain: 7D use Entertain to captivate an audience, perform or compose a creative work, or even distract people with conversation.
Investigation: 5D+2 Use Investigation to actively search for something (in the world and on computers), to track people and creatures, and to gather information.
Security: 5D+1 use Security to bypass or escape from physical and electronic security
Streetwise 6D use Streetwise to know about the galactic underworld: where to go, how to act, who to talk to. You also use it to haggle and bargain.

Correspondence Course: Security
Self Reflection: increase XP gained at levels by 1.
Lucky: Reroll a Force die.
Jam Comms: Once per combat, make a DC 15 operations check to switch two enemy ships in Initiative order.
Scavenger: Receive 2D x 10 Credits every adventure.
Deckhand: You add +½ Hard Point to your party’s ship


470 credits
Carrying Capacity: items 7/7 weapons 1/4

Vibroknife 2 damage cost 300 counts as gear max dmg 4D2

Gremet’s armor: +2 Soak

Com link 100
DatacArd 50
Transliterator 800
TerexxCom Datasearch +2 Investigation when Using Computers
Medkit 1000 Heals two Injury Conditions
Pocket Scrambler 1000 Jams and encrypts transmissions
Comms Decrypter 1200 Decrypts transmissions
Low-end Handheld Comp. 2000 -1D to Computer Checks when accessing a protected network remotely
Jet Pack 500 10 charges. 50m bursts. Operations Check
Disguise Kit (x1) 250 Allows user to pass for a member of a similar sized humanoid species. +1D to Subterfuge Check
Heartfelt letter to Blump’s Wife

Trouble and Destiny
The extermination of Algae’s family by a Hutt noble, and Algae’s experience on the Death Star has given Algae a great deal of angst, forcing him to question his place in a galaxy that regards him as a pest.

To avenge the death of his family.

Session notes

6 Force Points

2 XP


Algernon I was hatched in the palace of Umbocca the Hutt, the product of his parent’s love. He had an idyllic childhood tearing apart the droids and computers in the reclamation centers inside the palace. He loved building forts and generally using his vibrant imagination and youthful exuberance to create another world inside the palace for himself. This was the world left to his descendants, and unfortunately, Umbocca the Hutt
Umbocca’s palace was in serious need of renovation. The Monkey-Lizards had invaded the palace innards and were messing with the electrical systems, terminals, firmware on the appliances. He was pretty sure one of them died in the wall in his den. There was no way to supplant them without gassing the palace for a few days and then having a couple crews come in to sort out the damage. It was going to be expensive. Umbocca was embarrassed the other Hutt nobles wouldn’t want to come over, he booked a room at a 3 Bar hotel for a few days. He needed to catch up on his shows anyway, and the On Demands had been down for weeks. He knew it was the work of Algernon and his little bastards.

Algernon and the other monkey-lizards threw a party. It would be their biggest, best, and unfortunately, last.

_ “They even put up a tent before they left! With blue fog machines!”
The next morning, Algernon Crosby III emerged from a crawl space in the palace to find his father and all his kin dead. “Looks like it was a fun party, I wish I could have partied with you guys.” He wept for them.
The next few years would be spent aboard various starships as a stowaway. He picked up a few languages, scavenged food and supplies from trash compactors, learned to mask his presence in a ship’s systems to keep up with news/pop culture, and plotted his reckoning.

Eventually, he ended up on a gigantic space station, the likes of which he had never seen before. Ok…maybe once before, but this one was still being built, making it the perfect place for him to disappear. Soon he had made contact with a number of other life forms that thrived in the bowels of the man-moon. However, Algae would soon find that this place was even less forgiving than Umbocca’s palace. He was in constant peril, but somehow he managed to evade the station scans and exterminator droid sweeps that were becoming more frequent as the station neared completion.
When the Alliance fleet attacked, Algernon knew he had to try and get aboard one of their vessels and get off of the Death Star for good. Before the Death Star was destroyed, Algae managed to jump on a G-9 Rigger Freighter “The Steely Sark” and hide within its waste tank. Algae felt the shockwave when the station was destroyed. The ship was attempting to jump to lightspeed when it suddenly lost power. “Damn Gremlins.” the captain muttered as the Sark began drifting toward the forest-moon of Endor. The Sark evacuated its waste tank to alter its re-entry trajectory. At that moment, Algae was pushed into the vacuum of space, scrambling for something to hold on to. He gasped for one last breath of air as it rushed passed him, and let go. As he fell to Endor, he scrambled to assemble a makeshift landing craft from the materials around him. With an old blast shield, a large sheet of mylar, and a lot of luck he managed to land in large canopy of trees to break his fall. He awoke with little memory of his ordeal.

Algernon Crosby III [MISSING]

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