An'imol Gub'ta [DEAD]

Bith Musician and Family Man


Brains: 3D
Bureaucracy 4D
Aliens 4D
Technology: 4D
Mechanics 4D+2
Astrogation 5D
Agility: 3D
Piloting 4D
Driving 5D
Brawn: 1D
Toughness 5D
Cunning: 3D
Entertain 6D
Wisdom: 2D


An’imol used to play ommni box in a jizz band with Algae. They called themselves Plop Plop Jizz Jizz, among a plethora of other names. That was the problem: they could never decide on a damn thing. When their frontman Hoog Jupsin left the band for good, citing irreconcilable creative differences, that was it. Three years gone down the drain. An’imol latched on to one failed band after another on Nar Shaddaa until finally he woke up one morning in a pool of his own vomit, with six hypodermic needles sticking out of his ass. Later that day he booked a one way flight to Clak’dor VII where he would take the job his uncle had offered a while back: working in an Imperial walker factory.

Resigned to his fate, Ani’mol, once known on Tatooine for snorting an entire kilo of Glitterstim, clocked in every day and stood on the assembly line, screwing a doodad into a whatchamahoozit so that the Empire could impose fear into the hearts of everyday people like himself.

He got married to a good woman, had a snot-nosed kid. But something just wasn’t right. Something stirred within him, like a thumping jizz beat. That’s when he got the call from Algae to join his band Mama’s Jizz Box. And nothing’s been the same since.

An'imol Gub'ta [DEAD]

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