Aniro Tleza (Tleza'aniro'Origi)

Quick Trigger Medic


Species: Chiss
Core Class: Medic

Brains: 3D
Technology: 2D * Max Weapon = 2, Max Gear = 5
Agility: 3D # Attack = 7D
Brawn: 3D * Soak Value = 3D + 2
Cunning: 2D # Defense = 7D
Wisdom: 3D * Force Points = 8


Agility – 3D
Gunnery: 4D +1
Dexterity: 4D +2
Sneak: 5D
Piloting: 8D
Driving: 3D

Brawn – 3D Intimidate: 3D Athletics: 3D Brawling: 3D Might: 3D Toughness: 4D Control: 5D+1

Wisdom – 3D
Persuade: 5D+1
Survival: 4D
Perception: 3D
Willpower: 5D
First Aid: 6D
Sense: 4D

Brains – 3D
Aliens: 3D
Planets: 3D
Bureaucracy: 5D
Scholarship: 4D
Command: 6D
Alter: 6D+2

Technology – 2D
Astrogation: 4D
Computers: 1D
Droids: 3D
Operations: 5D
Mechanics: 2D

Cunning – 2D
Con: 2D
Subterfuge: 2D
Entertain: 2D
Streetwise: 2D
Security: 2D
Investigation: 2D

1-Force Sensitive
1-Self Reflection
2-Blaster Proficiency
(piloting 5D) – Talon Roll
4- Deadly
6 – Hardy
8 – Ackbar Slash
10- Talented (Field Surgeon)
12 – Career Change (swapped Persuade and Perception)

Blaster Pistol 4D (+1)from deadly feat
Padded Flight Suit, Soak 1, Breath Mask
All purpose scanner
Data Pad
Data Card
Comm link

Medic Level 6
Stim Pack
Cover fire
Field Surgeon
Suppressive Fire
Bacta Cannister
Seeker Droid
Ace Pilot – Ship Captain
Daring Maneuver
Great Shot
Hot Shot
Astromech sidekick – R9-D5 (mechanics, computers, astrogation 5D)
Force User – Dark
Mind Trick


Aniro was introduced to the Empire at a young age and his family was taken in by their rhetoric and offered their support. Aniro had an aptitude for healing and medicine and enrolled in a medical school on Coruscant when he became of age. He supported the Empire because of their resources but was ignorant of the true power and ambition behind the Emperor. When he was in his studies he learned of the destruction of Alderaan. He had an respect for life and the mass murder demonstrated the ethics of the empire. After the mass killing of an entire planet’s population, he became disillusioned with the empire. He continued with his medical education so he could use his skills to aid in the rebellion against the murderous empire. When he was finished with his training, he left Coruscant and joined a freelance relief medical Frigate that later allied with the rebellion.

Aniro Tleza (Tleza'aniro'Origi)

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