Bothar Stubbs [DEAD]


Name: Bothar Stubbs
Race: Ishi Tib (Ferocious Beak: +1d in Brawling Matches)
Level: 2
Class: Diplomat 2 [Leader]

XP: 2
Bonus XP/Level: +4
Force Points: 7

Attack: 3D+2
[2D (Base) + 1D+1 (Agility) + 1 (Class) ]
Defense: 4D
[2D (Base) + 2D (Cunning) + 2 (Class) ]
Soak: 3D
[3D (Brawn) + 1 (Armor) ]

Brains: 4D
Aliens 5D
Planets 5D
Bureaucracy 5D
Scholarship 5D
Command 6D

Tech: 1D
Astrogation 1D
Computers 1D
Droids 1D
Mechanics 1D
Operations 1D

Agility: 2D
Acrobatics 2D
Sneak 3D
Piloting 2D
Driving 2D
Gunnery 2D

Brawn: 3D
Intimidate 4D
Athletics 3D
Brawling 4D
Might 3D
Toughness 3D

Cunning: 4D
Con 5D
Subterfuge 4D
Entertain 4D
Security 4D
Streetwise 4D
Investigation 4D

Wisdom: 2D
Persuade 4D
Survival 1D
Perception 3D
Willpower 2D
First Aid 2D

Diplomat Abilities
Commend: make up a positive fact 1/adventure
Order: Give an ally a free action 1/combat
Coordinate: DC 15 command to give allies +1 on checks for encounter.
Micromanage: DC 15 Bureaucracy for re-roll

Politico: When you use Bureaucracy as a creative, roll 2 and take better
Blaster Proficiency
Unarmed Proficiency

Carrying Capacity: 1 Weapons, 4 Gear, 1 Armor
Weapons: Blaster Pistol 4D
Gear: Medpac, commlink
Armor: Blast Vest

My people see me as a betrayer, thinking I sold them out to the empire

To redeem myself in the eyes of the new republic and my own people.


Bothar Stubbs [DEAD]

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