Clabant Ackbar

Whiz pilot, nephew.


7 Advisor 3 Ace Pilot 1 Dogfighter

Race: Mon Calamari +1D Scholarship, -1D Con Stats: Brains: (2D/5D), Brawn (1D/3D), Cunning (1D/3D)

Attack: 6D+1
Defense: 6D
Soak: 3D


Curriculum Vitae: Once per adventure, you can make a Scholarship Check to create a fact about your personal achievements and professional exploits.
Research: Once per adventure, you can make a Scholarship Check to get an info dump from the GM on a secret topic related to the adventure (that could plausibly be researched).
Protocol Droid: You have a loyal protocol droid who accompanies and corrects you wherever you go. You get +2D to Aliens Checks when communicating with aliens. Once per adventure, you or an ally can reroll a Brains Skill Check. And once per adventure, you can make a Droids Check to have your droid “annoy” an NPC, distracting them.
Galactic Lore: Once per adventure, you can make a Scholarship Check to convince an NPC of something by relating the situation at hand to a piece of galactic history.
Spot Weakness: Once per combat, as a full-round action you can make a Command Check vs. an enemy’s Defense to reduce it by -1D for 1d4 rounds.
Walking Datapad: When you use Scholarship creatively, you roll twice and take the better result.
Jink: Twice per combat, as an action, you can make a DC 15 Piloting Check to Outmaneuver an enemy ship.
Daring Maneuver: Twice per adventure you can reroll a Piloting Check. Whenever you use a Force Point on a Piloting Check, if you roll a 5 or a 6, you can keep rolling.
Great Shot: Once per combat, before you roll an attack, you can declare a Great Shot. If you exceed your target’s defense by 0-3, you do +1D damage; 4-9: +2D damage; 10 or more: +3D
Wingman: Once per combat, you can take a hit for a nearby ally on the ground or in space, before damage is rolled.
Refute: Each adventure, you can refute something the GM says. The consequences of dice rolls can’t be refuted, however.

Stats & Skills

Brains 4

Aliens: 7D You use Aliens to know about an alien species’ culture and biology, and to speak languages.
Planets: 6D You use Planets to know about the geography, life sciences, and even the history and current events of a planet in the galaxy.
Bureaucracy: 5D You use Bureaucracy to know about the rules, laws, and protocol of various organizations in the galaxy.
Scholarship: 7D You use Scholarship to know about any field of study or knowledge that doesn’t fall under other skills. Some examples include ancient jedi lore, the galactic music industry, and vintage holoporn.
Command: 7D You use Command to direct NPC allies and to compel certain NPC’s to do your bidding. It’s also used to know about battle tactics.
Alter: You use Alter for Force Powers that require it. This is only available to Force Sensitive characters.

Technology 3

Astrogation: 5D+1 You use Astrogation to calculate hyperspace jumps, and to navigate through open space.
Computers: 3D You use Computers to access information, manipulate systems, and write programs on computers.
Droids: 4D You use Droids to repair, program, and operate droids.
Operations: 5D+1 You use Operations to use any piece of equipment, device, or ship system.
Mechanics: 3D You use Mechanics to repair anything other than droids, and to craft and build things.

Agility 3

Dexterity: 3D You use Dexterity to perform feats of dexterity, such as tumbling, diving, and moving out of the way.
Sneak: 3D+2 You use Sneak to move around and hide without being seen.
Piloting: 7D+1 You use Piloting to fly any ship.
Driving: 7D You use Driving to drive any ground vehicle.
Gunnery: 5D You use Gunnery to fire any ship, vehicle, or artillery weapons.

Brawn 2

Intimidate: You use Intimidate to coerce people through fear.
Athletics: You use Athletics to run, jump, climb, and swim.
Brawling: 5D You use Brawling to grapple, and to use martial arts and improvised weapons in combat. It’s also used to settle quick, non-lethal fights outside of combat.
Might: You use Might to perform feats of strength, like lifting and carrying things.
Toughness: 4D+1 Toughness is your physical fortitude and stamina, and is used to resist certain attacks, and to endure harsh conditions.
Control: You use Control for Force Powers that require it. This is only available to Force Sensitive characters.

Cunning 2

Con 1D+2: You use Con to deceive people with words.
Subterfuge: You use Subterfuge to disguise yourself, forge physical and electronic documents, conceal things, perform sleights of hand, and gamble.
Entertain: You use Entertain to captivate an audience, perform or compose a creative work, or even distract people with conversation.
Streetwise: You use Streetwise to know about the galactic underworld: where to go, how to act, who to talk to. You also use it to haggle and bargain.
Security: You use Security to bypass or escape from physical and electronic security.
Investigation: You use Investigation to actively search for something (in the world and on computers), to track people and creatures, and to gather information.

Wisdom 2

Persuade: You use Persuade to convince people without using deception.
Survival: You use Survival to navigate and survive in nature, and to handle and ride creatures.
Perception: You use Perception to passively see and hear things. You also use it to roll Initiative.
Willpower: 4D Willpower is your mental fortitude, used to resist social skills and abilities that affect the mind. It’s also used to resist the Dark Side.
First Aid: You use First Aid to heal people and know about medicine.
Sense: You use Sense for Force powers that require it. This is only available to Force Sensitive characters.


Correspondence Course: (Bureaucracy)
Self Help Holovid: (Toughness)
Blaster Proficiency
Educated: When you use Scholarship as a creative skill, you can roll twice and take the better result.
Ackbar Slash: Once per combat, if an attack misses you, make a DC 15 Piloting Check to redirect it to the closest enemy ship.
Trap: Once per combat, if you are an Attacker and an ally is a Defender this round, make a DC 15 Piloting Check after Maneuvers are revealed. You get a Target Lock on your target regardless of Maneuvers.
Unarmed Proficiency: Can use Brawling moves twice per combat.


Padded Flight Suit +1 Soak 1000 cr Breath mask included.

Vibroknuckles +1 Legal 300 Unarmed damage. Counts as Gear

2 Medpac 400 Heals one Injury Condition

Survival Kit: Medpac, Glowrod, Breath Mask, Emergency Shelter


Dick Pills



0/7 Force Points

1 Dark Side Point (Paranoid)

2 XP

Clabant grew up in the shadow of the Ackbar name. It was a common name on Dac, but on Alderaan or Correllia it didn’t matter. Sure, maybe somewhere down the line an Akbar deposited sperm on his egg. That doesn’t mean every Akbar is a Rebel Alliance hero, right? If it was the Admiral, or one of his brothers, he certainly wasn’t there to raise Clabant to be a pilot. Clabant did that on his own.
Clabant was perfectly happy doing quiet little shuttle runs along the Giblim route or the Tidal Circuit, nothing fancy. If he put in 30 years he would get his pension, he had good benefits, and he could listen to whatever music he wanted to on his ear buds. The Rebellion was swallowing up pilots like him left and right, it was only a matter of time before he got forced in. Then it happened, he got popped bringing undocumented laborers to New Alderaan. The Mon Calamari Navy gave him a choice; he could work for them, or they could seize his ship and put him in jail. Clabant chose the Navy.
Clabant hated the Navy. He had no privacy,. He was in the rear with gear and didn’t get to see any action. For what it was worth, he became a proficient snowspeeder pilot. But, he was sure he would never use those skills after the war was over. He was bored. One of his commanding officers noticed and set him up with a A-Wing squadron that had heavy losses. The idiosyncrasies of the A-Wing made it perfect for Mon Calamari pilots, and right away, Clabant was thrown out of the frying cylinder, quickly battered, and then into the fire, two minutes.
The next two years were a whirlwind of round-the-clock training exercises, mission briefings, dogfights, hitting ground targets, TIE-Fighters, Imperial space-stations. Within one cycle, all of the members of his squad who were there when he joined were either dead or M.I.A. Clabant was the only pilot in his squadron to complete 25 combat missions and survive.


Clabant Ackbar

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