"Bad Luck" Dundalk

An Ithorian Jedi who succumbed to the Dark Side of the Force.


Name: Defo “Bad Luck” Dundalk
Race: Ithorian
Level: 11
Class: Tech 4 [Mechanic + Engineer]/Force Adept 3 [Life]/Force User 1 [Light]/Jedi 1 [Apprentice] Darksider [Dark Jedi] 2

Health Status: full health

XP: 1
Bonus XP/Level: +4 (Brains + Self-Reflection)
Force Points: 11 (wisdom + force sensitivity)

Attack: 4D+2
[2D (Base) + 1D (Agility) + 1D+2 (Class)]
Defense: 6D
[2D (Base) + 1D+2 (Cunning) + 2D+1 (Class)]
Soak: 1D
[1D (Brawn)]


Brains: 3D
Aliens 3D
Planets 3D
Bureaucracy 3D+2 roll twice, take best
Scholarship 3D
Command 4D
Alter 5D

Tech: 3D
Astrogation 3D
Computers 3D
Droids 4D
Mechanics 6D
Operations 6D

Agility: 1D
Dexterity 3D
Sneak 5D (+1D in wilderness, camo vest)
Piloting 1D
Driving 1D
Gunnery 1D

Brawn: 1D
Intimidate 3D+1
Athletics 2D
Brawling 1D
Might 1D
Toughness 1D
Control 5D+1

Cunning: 3D
Con 5D
Subterfuge 2D
Entertain 3D
Security 4D
Streetwise 3D
Investigation 4D (+1D at long distance, electrobinoc.)

Wisdom: 5D
Persuade 6D
Survival 6D
Perception 6D (+1D at long distance, electrobinoc.)
Willpower 6D
First Aid 6D
Sense 6D (-1)

Ithorian Abilities
+1D Willpower and First Aid
-1D Dexterity & Subterfuge
Herbologist: once per adventure, reroll a First Aid check.
Agility (1D/2D), Wisdom (3D/5D)

Dark Side
Dark Side Points 4
Personality Taint Hateful

Class Abilities
Utility Belt: [Mechanic] Twice per adventure, make an Operations check to produce a common item from your utility belt to help solve a problem at hand. mechanic tree

Kit Bash: [Mechanic] You can make a Mechanics Check to craft a custom one-time use device by scrapping items that you have on hand for materials. mechanic tree

Hold Together: [Mechanic] When you jury rig something, you make it function even better, temporarily adding +2 to relevant stats or Checks. If you hit DC 20, it also doesn’t degrade an additional step at the end of the encounter.

Efficient Design: [Engineer] When crafting things with Mechanics, you can build them in a fraction of the time it normally takes. When spending a Force Point on Mechanics, keep rolling on a 5 or a 6. engineer tree

Reroute Power: [Engineer] Once per combat, when you attempt to reroute a ship’s power, make an additional Mechanics check to fix the system without hindering another.

Force Trance:[Force Adept – Life] Make a Control check to enter a hibernation trance. In this state, you look as if you are dead, and can withstand the harshest of conditions, even the vacuum of space. Once per adventure, you can also make a DC 20 Control Check to heal two Injury Conditions with a night of rest.

Postcognition: [Force Adept – Life] Once per adventure, you can make a Sense Check to look into the past “life” of an item or location, glimpsing a view into its history.

Blue Glowie: [Force Adept – Life] You have a blue glowie who has decided to mentor you for some reason. Once per adventure, you can make a Sense Check to get in contact with this Force spirit for a favor or advice.

Telekinesis: [Force User – Light] Twice per adventure, you can make an Alter Check to move objects with the Force.

Lightsaber Block: [Jedi – Apprentice] You get the Lightsaber feat. As an action
(with any penalties applying), you can make an attack roll vs.
an attack that hits you. If your roll exceeds the enemy’s attack, you negate it. If you haven’t already had your turn this round, you must declare how many attacks you intend to make and apply the penalties to your Lightsaber Block accordingly.

Dark Rage: [Darksider – Dark Jedi] Once per combat, you can make a Control Check to add a number of free Force Points to a melee attack or melee damage roll. DC 10: 1 FP, DC 20: 2 FP, DC 30: 3 FP

Force Lightning: [Darksider – Dark Jedi] Once per combat, you can make a Control Check to deal damage to an enemy. In addition, the target is Stunned and can’t act even if damage isn’t dealt. 1-9: 4D; 10-14: 5D; 15-19: 6D; 20-24: 7D; 25-29: 8D; 30+: 9D

Force Sensitive: You are attuned to the Force and get an extra Force Point at the start of each adventure. You are also able to take levels in Force User.

Self-Reflection: Increase skill points gained at levels by 1.

Jam Sensors: Once per combat, right after initiative is rolled, subtract -1D from a ship’s initiative that round.

Will to Live: Force Points are +1 when used to Soak damage.

Search Your Feelings: You can use available XP as Force Points. These Force Points are not bound by normal Force Point limits.

Politico: When you use Bureaucracy as a creative skill, you can roll twice and take the better result.

Lightsaber: Proficient in the use of lightsabers.

Deadly: You deal +1 damage.


Credits: 4960

Carrying Capacity:
1 armor slot, 3 weapon slots (technology), 6 gear slots (3+ technology).

Lightsaber (5D damage)+1

camo vest

Jedi Robes


Dundalk has a reputation as being lazy and inattentive. In his youth, a mistake on the swoop track caused the death of nearly a dozen other racers. On his first mission for the rebels, which was to defend a corvette’s hallway from invading Imperial stormtroopers, Dundalk wandered away from his post to investigate a delicious smell coming from the galley. The stormtroopers attacked while he was gone, and the absent Dundalk was the only survivor of his squad.

He was immediately reassigned to engineering and mechanics, and ever since has carried a reputation as “Bad Luck Dundalk,” a layabout whose dereliction of duty is likely to cost his squadmates and superior officers their lives.

To restore Republic worlds and civilizations that have been razed or destroyed by Imperial fascists. Where once there was grass, the Empire covered in steel. Dundalk would see the return of the green.

Personal History
Defo Dundalk experienced a brief moment of fame as a child swoop bike racer in the Outer Rim. During his last race, he was distracted by the beauty and majesty of an overhead flock of thranta, causing his bike to swerve. Dundalk skidded to a stop, but the rest of the racers crashed, exploded, and died in a horrible, fiery, pileup. He won the race, was driven out of town by the grieving and horrified race enthusiasts, and retired from swoop racing.

Dundalk bounced around odd mechanic jobs in the Outer Rim for a few years. He had a natural hand for repairing swoop bikes, but he was more likely to walk away from a swoop in mid-repair, following a pretty, fleeting alv, than he was to actually finish a job. Tiny accidents followed him through every garage he worked in, and despite his natural talent, the other racers would eventually refuse to allow “Bad Luck Dundalk” to work on their bikes.

Out of options, homeless and hungry, Dundalk signed up to join the Rebel Alliance soon after the destruction of Alderaan. Though he abhorred violence, he couldn’t stand the thought of serving a Galactic Empire that would wipe out an entire world. In his first mission, however, he wandered away from his post as lookout, resulting in the death of his entire squad at the hands of Imperial stormtroopers. Dundalk was reassigned to mechanics and engineering, and he has yet to fire his blaster in combat. His reputation as “Bad Luck Dundalk” follows him to this day.

Everyone he has ever liked is dead. Many of them as the result of his own carelessness and inattention to detail.

Dark Side Dundalk

While on the Ssi-Ruuk homeworld on a mission to rescue Princess Leia, Admiral Ackbar, and other leaders and soldiers of the Rebellion, Dundalk attempted to prevent his friend and comrade Rake from torturing a ssi-ruuk prisoner. Dundalk unintentionally killed Rake with his lightsaber, precipitating Dundalk’s fall to the Dark Side.

After several weeks lost in the jungle with Fero, Dundalk rejoined his comrades and attempted to liberate the Rebels from the ssi-ruuk stronghold. Struggling with striking a balance between light and dark, peace and violence, patience and hate, Dundalk eventually gave into his fears and insecurities. With his friends incapacitated and near death, Dundalk made a deal with the ssi-ruuk leader. Dundalk helped his friends board their ship, the Bicentennial Tortoise, but he stayed behind to serve his new master: a slaver and dark side master unseen by the known galaxy at large.

“Bad Luck” Dundalk’s luck finally ran out. “Dark Side” Dundalk was born.

"Bad Luck" Dundalk

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