Fero Greet

A fast talking, quick drawing pilot who is too afraid to fly.


Xp: 0 Credits: 300

Human: +1D to a Chosen Skill

Class: Scoundrel 9/ Rebel 1
Class Skills:
1-No Good Swindler: Once per adventure, you can reroll a Con Check. When you use a Force Point on a Con Check, if you roll a 5 or 6, you can roll again.
1-Hokey Religions: There’s no mystical energy field that controls your destiny. But somehow you’ve led a charmed life. When you use a Force Point on an attack roll or to soak damage, if you roll a 5 or 6 you keep rolling.
2-Impersonator: You get +1D Con when impersonating someone. When impersonating someone’s voice via a communications device or through a door, you don’t need to roll a Con Check. However, you may need to make a Check regarding the content of what you say.
3-Extract: You know how to get people to reveal things to you without them even noticing. Once per adventure, you can make an Entertain Check to get secret info out of an NPC.
4-Boring Conversation Anyways: Once per adventure, if you fail a Con Check against a lone NPC, you can make a Brawling Check to sap that person unconscious.
5-Sorry about the Mess: Once per adventure, if you find yourself in a hairy situation after causing a ruckus, you can buy someone off with a single credit by making an Intimidate Check. The NPC must have been present at the time of the incident.
6-Trick Shot: Twice per adventure, you can make a Gunnery Check to shoot things with pinpoint accuracy for utility purposes or narrative effect.
7-Ranged Disarm: Once per combat, you can make a Gunnery vs. Dexterity Check to disarm somebody with your blaster shot.
8-Trusty Pistol: Once per adventure, if you critically miss with your pistol, you hit instead. Your pistol does +1 damage.
9-Saboteur: Once per adventure, you can give an NPC a -1D penalty to an opposed Skill Check against you or an ally. Also, when you compromise or destroy equipment, vehicles, or buildings, etc., you may use Subterfuge instead of Mechanics.
10-Wretched Hive: Wherever you are in the galaxy, you can make a Streetwise Check to find a cantina, where the bartender will answer any one question. You also get +1D to Subterfuge Checks when gambling.
11-Stack the Deck: Once per adventure, you can declare that you are rolling twice and taking the better result. Or, you can declare that the GM is rolling twice and taking the worse result.


Brains: 2D [} 2 skill {]
Technology: 2D [} max weapons 2 max gear 5 {]
Agility: 4D [} +2d attack {]
Brawn: 3D [} soak 3d
2 {]
Cunning: 3D [} 1d+2 {]
Wisdom: 2D [} force points 7 {]

Total Attack: 7d
Total Defense: 6d
Total Soak: 3d+2

A: 2d Starting, 2d Agility, Levels: 9 in Scoundrel (3d), 1 in Rebel(0)
D: 2d Starting, 1d+2 Cunning, Levels: 1 in Rebel (1), 9 in Scoundrel (1d+2), Armor (1)
S: 3d Brawn, Armor (

Blaster Pistol: Heavy Blaster Pistol: Mer-Sonn Flash 4 (4d+1)
7d atk, 5d dmg

1 Blaster Proficiency
1 Unarmed Proficiency
2 Gritty: re-roll soak 1/adventure
4 Deadly: +1 Dmg
6 Career Change: Pilot to Gunner
8 Lucky: Re-roll a force point 1/adventure
10 Will To Live: +1 to force points on soak

Between my rebel past and my criminal history, I’m wanted across the galaxy.

To Finally track down the man who killed my father and bring him to justice in a fair and legal war tribunal.

Gear: Commlink, Blast Vest (1 Soak), Blast Armor (1 def, +1 Soak), Medpack

Key Skills:

Brains: 2D
Aliens 2D
Planets 2D
Bureaucracy 2D
Scholarship 2D
Command 3D

Tech: 2D
Astrogation 4D
Computers 2D
Droids 3D+1
Mechanics 2D
Operations 2D

Agility: 4D
Dexterity 4D
Sneak 4D
Piloting 4D
Driving 4D
Gunnery 7D (Tortoise: 4d+1 Dmg)

Brawn: 3D
Intimidate 5D
Athletics 4D
Brawling 6D
Might 3D
Toughness 4D

Cunning: 3D
Con 7D
Subterfuge 5D
Entertain 5D
Security 3D
Streetwise 4D
Investigation 3D

Wisdom: 2D
Persuade 6D
Survival 2D
Perception 4D
Willpower 2D
First Aid 2D


Fero was was eleven and living in the cramped front quarters of a YT-2400. His parents were independent haulers who spent the bulk of their time carrying cargo of either dubious or downright illegal origins. His happiest moments were spent playing Imperial Bunkers in the hidden storage compartments underneath engineering, and of watching the densely packed stars of the galactic center race by in hyperspace. Formal schooling was nonexistent, and his father, Jerrick, taught him to read and write and to chart routes in the astrogation matrix.
It was his mother, though, who taught him the skills that made him a living later on in life. Shilo Greet was a skilled pilot, and her son learned some of the finer points of space jockeying at a tender age.
Fero would have happily worked his parents ship until he was old enough to throw in with some small shipping outfit of his own. But there are certain dangers attendant to the life of a smuggler, and while his parents did their best to keep the risk low, it was impossible to remove it entirely. Fer was filling out astrogation maps on the big table in the med bay while his parents handed off some illicit cargo to an imperial posting. He had heard his parents complaining that the captain of the outpost, a man by the name of Kaidir, was a creep and a crook, but that usually meant that his parents had a sure customer. From the medbay he heard most of the exchange, though, and this seemed to going smoothly until the offload of contraband was in the hands of the Imperials. He heard his parent ask for their payment, and then he heard laser fire. He hid behind the murky bacta tank just his mother had taught him.
Fero came out when he felt the ship drifting. Looking out the portholes, he saw that the imperials has uncoupled the ship and let it drift towards the planet below. he was already caught in the gravity well. He ran aft and found his parent’s bodies. His father’s face was ruined with blaster fire, but his mother looked like she was resting her eyes until he tried to move her. A laser bolt had burned through her chest and left a smoking hole in her jacket.
Fero fought back his emotions and ran aft. The ship was falling towards the planet fast. It was already too late to pull out, and Fero swore that he would land the ship, and that he would find the imperial bastards who had killed his parents, and that he would kill them one by one.

Fero spent the next ten years living on the streets of Fondor. His ship had landed hard, and in a rough exurb of the port region. While he had tried to claim the crash site, the locals had stripped the burned out ship down to the bolts in a matter of days. Fero did manage to keep a few vital and expensive parts, and he used them to secure some basic living expenses. He was small and foreign, and things were hard for a long time. He got by in the end by running messages for the Hutt network, and it was there that his skills groundcraft, and eventually space craft were noticed. By nineteen, he was piloting a ship for Teemo the Hutt. On every run he was tempted to jump into hyperspace and start chasing down the few leads he had managed to scrape together on Captain Kaidir and his squad. But every run he reined himself in, reminded himself that Teemo would not just let him and his ship go, and made himself be patient. Some day soon he would get his revenge, and when he did, he would be free to live the smuggler’s life that he had learned as a child.

After adventuring with a band of rebel operatives, Fero gave up his quest for vengeance, and instead joined up with the alliance military, where he flew an x-wing. After crashing during the battle of Endor, Fero was declared dead, but, having actually survived due to the intervention of a pair of hungry Ewoks, Fero was eventually returned to the rebel ranks. Once there, though, he found his files had been purged, and his rank and back pay lost to the abyss of bureaucracy.

Now, Fero is back where he started—a freelancing operative for the Rebel alliance, slightly older and wiser, but still much too willing to rely on an easy smile that to put in the hard work of making a plan.

Fero Greet

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