Cora Quar'ko

Dressellian Regional Applications Coordinator


Name: Cora Quar’ko
Race: Dressellian
Level: 6
Class: Diplomat 4 [Leader + Bureaucrat], Scout 2 [Spy]

XP: 3
Bonus XP/Level: +4
Force Points: 8

Attack: 4D+2
[2D (Base) + 1D+1 (Agility) + 1D+1 (Class) ]
Defense: 5D+2
[2D (Base) + 1D+2 (Cunning) + 2D (Class) ]
Soak: 2D+1
[2D (Brawn) + 1 (Armor) ]

Brains: 4D
Aliens 5D
Planets 4D
Bureaucracy 6D+1
Scholarship 4D
Command 5D

Tech: 2D
Astrogation 2D
Computers 3D
Droids 1D
Mechanics 1D
Operations 3D

Agility: 2D
Acrobatics 2D
Sneak 4D+2
Piloting 3D
Driving 2D
Gunnery 2D

Brawn: 2D
Intimidate 2D
Athletics 2D
Brawling 2D
Might 2D
Toughness 2D

Cunning: 3D
Con 3D+2
Subterfuge 5D+1
Entertain 3D
Security 3D
Streetwise 3D
Investigation 3D

Wisdom: 3D
Persuade 5D
Survival 4D+2
Perception 3D
Willpower 3D+1
First Aid 3D

Diplomat Abilities
Order [Leader]: Once per combat, you can give an ally a free action.
Coordinate [Leader]: Once per adventure, you can make a DC 15 Command Check to give your party members +1 to all Skill Checks for an entire encounter.
Micromanage [Leader]: Once per adventure, you can make a DC 15 Bureaucracy Check to make an ally reroll a roll.
Berate [Bureaucrat]: After a roll is made, you can make an Intimidate vs. Willpower Check to add +1D to an ally’s roll. If you succeed, you also Stun them.

Scout Abilities
Recon [Spy]: You can make a Subterfuge Check to create a fact about a specific location, or a group of people at a specific location.
Camouflage [Spy]: You can reroll Survival Checks when finding cover. And once per adventure, you can reroll a Stealth Check.

Blaster Proficiency, Melee Proficiency, Gritty, Cosmopolitan, Jam Sensors

Carrying Capacity: 2 Weapons, 5 Gear, 1 Armor
Weapons: Blaster Pistol 4D, Vibroknife (Brawn +2)
Gear: Black All-Temperature Cloak, Survival Pack, Datapad
Armor: Blast Vest


Lead the initiative to restore Endor to its former majesty and beauty. Understaffed and underfunded, she can be a bit snarky, but as the first proponent of Ewok Rights, her heart cannot be questioned.

Unfortunately when the New Republic cut funding entirely to the Endor Initiative, Cora was demoted to Regional Applications Coordinator, whatever the hell that means.

Cora Quar'ko

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