Holy Avenger of the Force


Name: Queequay
Race: Weequay
Level: 10
Class: Soldier 4 [Mercenary], Force User 4 [Dark 3, Light 1], Jedi 2 [Apprentice]

Health Status: full health

XP: 2
Bonus XP/Level: +2
Force Points: 9 (wisdom + Force Sensitive)

Attack: 6D
[3D+2 (Agility) + 2D+1 (Class)]
Defense: 7D
[4D (Cunning) + 1 (Armor) + 2D+2 (Class)]
Soak: 4D+2
[4D (Brawn) + 2 (Armor)]


Brains: 2D
+2 XP per level
Aliens 2D
Planets 2D
Bureaucracy 2D
Scholarship 1D
Command 2D
Alter 6D+2

Tech: 1D
1 weapon, 4 gear
Astrogation 1D
Computers 1D
Droids 1D
Mechanics 1D
Operations 1D

Agility: 3D
3D+2 base attack
Dexterity 3D
Sneak 3D
Piloting 3D
Driving 3D
Gunnery 4D+2

Brawn: 4D
4D soak
Intimidate 6D+1 (reroll once per adventure)
Athletics 4D+2
Brawling 4D
Might 4D
Toughness 7D
Control 4D

Cunning: 4D
4D Defense
Con 5D+2
Subterfuge 4D
Entertain 4D
Security 4D
Streetwise 5D+1
Investigation 4D

Wisdom: 2D
7 Force Points
Persuade 3D
Survival 3D
Perception 3D
Willpower 5D+1
First Aid 2D
Sense 5D

Weequay Abilities

+1D Toughness and Survival
-1D Persuade and Scholarship
Violent Reputation: Once per adventure you can reroll an Intimidate Check
Brains (1D/3D)

Class Abilities
Opportunist: [Mercenary] When you attack a target engaged in melee with an ally, you deal +1D damage.

Battle Scars: [Mercenary] You can make an Entertain or Intimidate Check to show off your scars and impress an NPC.

Dead-Eye: [Mercenary] Your critical threat is increased by 1 on all ranged attack rolls (if you roll a 6 on the Destiny Die, you only need a 5 on the reroll to confirm a critical hit).

Resilient: [Mercenary] Once per adventure, when you are Incapacitated you can make a Toughness Check vs. the damage roll to remain conscious. You are still penalized by your injuries.

Ignore Pain: [Mercenary] Once per adventure, you can make a Toughness Check to ignore damage penalties until you are Wounded again. DC 12: Wounded. DC 15: Wounded Twice. DC 20: Incapacitated.

Mind Trick: [Force User-Dark] Once per adventure, you can make an Alter Check to plant a suggestion or thought into someone’s mind.

Force Choke: [Force User-Dark] Once per adventure, you can make an Alter vs. Toughness Check to choke someone, dealing the difference in damage. In addition the target cannot move for a round.

Force Push: [Force User-Dark] Once per adventure, you can make an Alter Check to forcefully push/pull people and things with the Force.

Force Sense: [Force User-Light] You can make a Sense Check to sense the lifeforms around you. You can also focus to determine someone or something’s connection to the Force.

Lightsaber Block: [Jedi-Apprentice] You get the Lightsaber feat. As an action (with any penalties applying), you can make an attack roll vs. an attack that hits you. If your roll exceeds the enemy’s attack, you negate it. If you haven’t already had your turn this round, you must declare how many attacks you intend to make and apply the penalties to your Lightsaber Block accordingly.

Concentration: [Jedi-Apprentice] Twice per adventure, you can make a Control Check to add a bonus to any Skill Check before you roll it. DC 10: 2, DC 15: +1D, DC 20: +1D2, DC 30: +2D

Force Sensitive: You are attuned to the Force and get an extra Force Point at the start of each adventure. You are also able to take levels in Force User.

Blaster Proficiency: Can use blaster pistols.

Blaster Rifle Proficiency: Can use blaster rifles.

Melee Proficiency: Can use melee weapons.

Cargo Pants: Increase both Weapons and Gear capacity by 1

Search Your Feelings: You can use available XP as Force Points. These Force Points are not bound by normal Force Point limits.

Lightsaber Proficiency: You can use lightsabers.

Hardy: You can get Stunned an extra time.


Credits: 300

Carrying Capacity:
1 armor slot, 2 weapon slots (technology + cargo pants), 5 gear slots (3+ technology +cargo pants).

- Lightsaber (5D damage)
- Blaster Pistol (BlasTech DL-18) (4D damage)

- Jedi Robes
- Comlink
- Datapad

- Blast Armor (1 Defense, +1 Soak) + Blast Vest (1 Soak)



Queequay was a mercenary and thug working for the Hutts and the Black Sun — whoever paid more at any given moment — before finding the Force. He was shot in the face by a group of Rebel operatives on Coachelle during the Galactic Civil War and is generally believed to be dead by his former employers and companions. He “died” owing thousands of credits in “paycheck advances” to the Black Sun. If scummy and villainous former comrades were to discover he was alive, they would be eager to collect on old debts, take revenge for petty grievances, or conscript him into their ongoing war on peace and order. It is possible he is also wanted for various crimes he committed as a mercenary — though he believes himself resurrected and washed clean of his sin, the worlds of the New Republic may not agree.

To other weequay, he has a very distinctive appearance — scarred by the blaster bolt he took to the face back on Coachelle.


Queequay believes he was literally brought back to life by the will of the Living Force. Once a killer, a thief, and a hired thug, he is now a zealot for the Jedi Way believes himself a holy avenger and the Sword of the Force. He believes evil can be rewarded with forgiveness and redemption, though not always in a single lifetime. He is committed to showing the light to all who need redeeming — whether by his words or by the blue blade of his lightsaber.

Personal History

Born in Sriluur, the weequay who would become known as Queequay was born to miners working in indentured servitude to a Hutt. When he came of age, he took a job as an enforcer to get himself off-world and away from the brutal copper mines.

But brutality followed him into the galaxy-at-large. Taking the name Queequay, mostly to differentiate himself from a nameless fellow weequay he served alongside, he became a thug and hired gun for the Hutts, Black Sun, or anyone who would hire him.

As a mercenary, Queequay did terrible things — willfully and forcefully. He killed, bullied, coerced, and acted as a first-rate goon. He joined any gang, robbed any traveler, and put to death any innocent if it would put credits in his account.

His road of villainy ultimately led him to be in the employ of the Black Sun on Coachelle, a world under severe Imperial blockade during the Galactic Civil War. In a shootout with a group of Rebel operatives on Coachelle, Queequay took a blaster bolt to the face crumpled to the ground.

Unconscious and left for dead, Queequay had a vision. He was on a desert world surrounded by light and by heat. There was a being of great kindness talking to him — in the vision, Queequay couldn’t understand the being’s words or see its face. The being — it smelled blue — told Queequay his life had been spent in vain, so he was being given another one. The blue being told Queequay not to make a mess of this one.

Queequay awoke in a heap of bodies about to be mass-cremated. In a life-preserving panic, he lashed out with what had been latent Force abilities. He force-pushed and mind-tricked his way away from fiery doom and fled Coachelle stowed away on an Imperial transport vessel.

He wandered the Galaxy for some time, meditating on his newly awakened connection to the Force. Alone, friendless, and believed dead, in many ways this was a lonelier and harsher time for Queequay than even before. Had he been saved for this? To wander the Galaxy alone and in fear?

Eventually his wanderings led him to a planet both strange yet familiar. It was a sandy, hot world, and being there gave him a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Queequay started volunteering at a Tatooine soup kitchen.

He was ladling up bronto stew for strangers and passers-through when he was overwhelmed by a feeling of calm and acceptance. He looked up to see an inquisitive gand in front of him.

“Pardon Gand,” said the gand, “but have you ever heard of the Jedi?”

Queequay joined the fledgling New Jedi Order, training at Luke Skywalker’s new school on Yavin-IV. He was, at times, overeager in his willingness to apply brute force to his study of the Force, fully believing that it is appropriate to stamp out the Dark Side with a firm hand when conversation and meditation will not suffice. But he knows first hand that dark souls can be redeemed, and he continues to search for the balance between the darkness of his past with the light of his future.


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