Lt. Sergeant Bo Tanda, AKA Sarge [DEAD]

A grizzle vet


Xp: 4

Aqualish: +1D Intimidate and Brawling, -1D Bureaucracy and Persuade Stats: Brawn (2D/5D), Wisdom (1D/3D)

Class: Trooper/Rebel
Class Skill:
Menacing Emergence: Sneak check to scare off NPC
Hand Signals: Command Check to communicate. Full party sneak 1/adventure.
Trooper: DC 10 willpower for free force point
Sergeant: you or an ally can take two actions 1/adventure
Pick a Fight: Intimid8te to draw an NPC into a brawling match
Saboteur: Once per adventure, you can give an NPC a -1D penalty to an opposed Skill Check against you or an ally. Also, when you compromise or destroy equipment, vehicles, or buildings, etc., you may use Subterfuge instead of Mechanics.
Well Rounded: War Buddy: Command check to call up an old war buddy
Lt: Resourceful – Twice per adventure, you can make a check at +2D in a skill that you haven’t trained.
Wingman: Take Dmg for ally (before Dmg roll)


Brains: 3D [} 3 skill {]
Technology: 1D [} max weapons 1 max gear 4 {]
Agility: 4D [} +2d attack {]
Brawn: 3D [} soak 3d
2 {]
Cunning: 3D [} 1d+2 {]
Wisdom: 2D [} force points 7 {]

Total Attack: 6d+2
Total Defense:6d

Blaster Pistol:
6d+2 atk, 4d+1 dmg
Blaster Rifle
6d+2 atk, 5d+1 dmg

Blaster Proficiency
Blaster Rifle Proficiency
Cargo Pants
Unarmed Proficiency

My last squad died in the field around me.

To turn my next squad into a crack team of cutthroats and marauders.

Medpac, commlink, Blast Vest, Blast Armor

Key Skills:

Brains: 3D
Aliens 3D 
Planets 3D 
Bureaucracy 2D
Scholarship 3D
Command 5D

Tech: 1D
Astrogation 1D 
Computers 1D
Droids 1D
Mechanics 1D
Operations 1D

Agility: 4D
Acrobatics 4D
Sneak 6D
Piloting 4D
Driving 4D
Gunnery 7D

Brawn: 3D
Intimidate 5D
Athletics 4D
Brawling 5D
Might 3D
Toughness 4D

Cunning: 3D
Con 5D
Subterfuge 5D
Entertain 3D
Security 3D
Streetwise 3D
Investigation 3D

Wisdom: 2D
Persuade 3D
Survival 2D
Perception 4D
Willpower 4D
First Aid 2D


Lt. Sergeant Bo Tanda, AKA Sarge [DEAD]

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