Oh, it's not broken? Well I can probably make it better, let me have a look. Please? No really, I won't break it. I just wanna look at what makes it tick. You won't regret anything, seriously!


Verpine (Male Personality); Age: ??; Weight: 57kg; Height: 1.89m

DSP: 0

Brains 1D | Tech 5D | Agility 3D | Brawn 2D | Cunning 4D | Wisdom 1D

Force Points: 6
Attack: 5D+2
• Merr-Sonn Model 44 (1000c) 4D damage
Defense: 6D
Soak: 2D+1
• Blast Vest (500c) +1 soak
Droid: GNK-1 “Gonki” Soak 4D, Def 2D; 6D Operations, 6D Mechanics: Repair, 6D Piloting

Items: Syntherope dispenser (25c), Comlink (100c), Datapad (100c)

[Feat] Lucky – Once per adventure, you can reroll a Force Point
[Feat] Gritty – Once per adventure, you can reroll Soak
[GrH 1] Scavenger – At the end of a combat, you can loot Spare Parts from 1D of your defeated enemies. For each enemy you get 2D x 10 credits worth of spare parts.
[GrH 1] Utility Belt – Twice per adventure, you can make an Operations Check to produce a common item from your utility to belt to help you solve a problem at hand.
[GrH 2] EMP – Once per adventure, you can make an Operations Check to temporarily disable an electronic device, system, or droid. In combat, this lasts for 1d4 rounds.
[GrH 3] Shield Generator – Once per combat, you can make an Operations Check to drop a protective shield in front of yourself and another friendly target for 2 rounds. Ranged enemies must hit the DC of your Check to penetrate the shield, at which point the shield dissipates.
[GrH 4] Spare Parts – At the start of each adventure, you have 1000 credits worth of parts for crafting and repair purposes. This isn’t cumulative, and resets each adventure.
[GrH 5] Loot – Each adventure, you can make an Investigation Check to find a rare or unique item from a location or defeated enemy.
[Mch 1] Kit Bash – You can make a Mechanics Check to craft a custom one-time use device by scrapping items that you have on-hand for materials.
[Mch 2] It’s Not My Fault – Once per adventure, you can reroll a Check made with a Tech Skill.
[Mch 3] Hold Together – When you jury rig something, you make it function even better, temporarily adding +2 to relevant stats or Checks. If you hit DC 20, it also doesn’t degrade an additional step at the end of the encounter.
[Mch 4] Trusty Hydrospanner – You have a trusty hydrospanner. When you roll a 1 on the Destiny Die for a Mechanics or Droids Check, it doesn’t cancel out the penultimate die. When spending a Force Point on Mechanics or Droids, if you roll a 5 or 6 you keep rolling.

Feats: Blaster Proficiency, Self-Reflection, Armor Proficiency, Gritty, Lucky, Aim

To distribute: 12xp

Brains 1D
Aliens 1D = 1D + 0 (0pts)
Planets 1D = 1D + 0 (0pts)
Bureaucracy 1D = 1D + 0 (0pts)
Scholarship 1D = 1D + 0 (0pts)
Command 0D = 1D + -1Dr + 0 (0pts)

Tech 5D
Astrogation 5D = 5D + 0 (0pts)
Computers 6D = 5D + 1D (0pts)
Droids 5D = 5D + 0 (0pts)
Mechanics 6D = 5D + 1Dr + 0 (0pts)
Operations 6D = 5D + 1Dr + 0 (0pts)

Agility 3D
Dexterity 4D = 3D + 1D (9pts)
Sneak 5D = 3D + 2D + 0 (0pts)
Piloting 3D = 3D + 0 (0pts)
Driving 3D = 3D + 0 (0pts)
Gunnery 3D = 3D + 0 (0pts)

Brawn 2D
Intimidate 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Athletics 3D = 2D + 1D (6pts)
Brawling 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Might 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Toughness 4D = 2D + 2D (15pts)

Cunning 4D
Con 5D = 4D + 1D (12pts)
Subterfuge 6D = 4D + 2D + 0 (0pts)
Entertain 4D = 4D + 0 (0pts)
Security 4D = 4D + 0 (0pts)
Streetwise 6D = 4D + 2D + 0 (0pts)
Investigation 5D = 4D + 1D + 0 (0pts)

Wisdom 1D
Persuade 1D = 1D + 0 (0pts)
Survival 1D = 1D + 0 (0pts)
Perception 3D = 1D + -1Dr + 3D (12pts)
Willpower 3D = 1D + 2D (9pts)
First Aid 1D = 1D + 0 (0pts)


Klerp & Sons was the premier junkyard on Lantilles. Klerp was Klerp and Vraal was, well the “& Sons” part; they were a father-son Verpine duo who lived to tinker and unravel the secrets of the piles of junk that were so unceremoniously dumped in their backyard. Ever since he was young, Vraal was all over tech like flies on bantha dung, and between his and his father’s smarts they were able to make quite a decent living for themselves. Klerp & Sons was a subcontractor of the Lantillian ShipWrights, often being used for rush jobs and given bonuses for their unrequested upgrades to the parts (so long as it didn’t end up setting construction back.) Life was good and the Lantillian ShipWrights grew in size and support of the Rebel Alliance right up until the Battle of Yavin, after which the company was absorbed by TaggeCo. Lantilles was sent into economic ruin with the new presence and takeover by TaggeCo, and Klerp & Sons was hard hit when their junkyard fell victim to the eminent domain clause of TaggeCo’s takeover. All of their property, equipment, and inventions were now under the sole ownership of TaggeCo due to some sneaky contract negotiation work, and Klerp and Vraal were out on their asses. With the last of their money Vraal hired a transport to take the now-ailing Klerp back to Nickel One and the rest of the Verpine, so that he might at least live out the rest of his days with the companionship of his people. In a way the loss of Klerp & Sons was liberating, now Vraal was able to get out into the universe and find his own path. The Rebel Alliance seemed like a good place to start.

After the hostile takeover by TaggeCo Klerp and Vraal had very little to their name. Vraal had been hacking around on the holonet and found a rather sizeable account owned by TaggeCo under a number of shell companies that had millions of transactions in it per day. He figured he could skim off the transactions and get him and his father “what they deserved:” enough to get him back to Nickel One and for him to get a new start in life. It only seemed fair. The only problem was that Vraal had no clue TaggeCo was laundering credits through this account with Black Sun. In stealing from TaggeCo, he stole from Black Sun. Oops.

Vraal loved his upbringing and wants so badly to go back to the way things were: junk as far as the eye could see, the smell of grease and engine plasma permeating his nostrils. If he can kick TaggeCo square in their collective nuts he would be one step closer to getting a shipyard of his own one day to retire to. Maybe he could lay a few eggs and make little Vraals of his own.


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