Star Wars: The New Republic

Episode III, Part IV: Escape from Kashyyyk

Life Day Special

With the Imperial generators destroyed, the crew must now figure out how to leave the Shadowlands and flee the system without a ship, after abandoning Senator Stubbs. After much deliberation, Algae finds an old computer console out in the forest, and is able to locate a docking bay high above the Shadowlands on the “surface.” But they would have to find a way to scale the massive trees. Koarkee informs the group that there should be lifts somewhere relatively nearby, but on their way to find them, two Trandoshans on speeder bikes are encountered. They are carrying a strung up Wookiee between their bikes.

Wearing Stormtrooper gear, Sarge fires at the wary Trandoshans, who seem to want to avoid Imperial entanglements as they plead that they have the proper paperwork. Dundalk manages to cool the situation with the help of the rather intimidating AT-PT, but Sarge can’t abide a captive Wookiee, so he starts another firefight. One Trandoshan is captured, while the other escapes on his speeder bike, despite Rake’s near-heroic chase.

When the group discovers that the Trandoshans have a ship (called the SS Lawnmower), Algae cracks the captured one’s datapad and uses its Find My Ship app. The crew travels through the forest to where the ship should be, but it’s already gone. However, a refresh of the app shows it’s not far away; it’s crash-landed after apparently being blasted by something. After subduing the second Trandoshan, Aniro gets ready to commandeer the ship into the atmosphere where a battle between escaped Wookiees and Imperials rages on. But before they can leave, Zewblarr contacts Koarkee asking for air support to distract the Star Destroyer that now looms over the planet.

Escaping detection by TIEs, the SS Lawnmower charges straight for the Star Destroyer, making an attack run for the ship’s bridge. Pelted by an array of turbolasers up length of the ISD, the Lawnmower manages to score a hit on the bridge, disorienting the Imperials and disrupting their assault. The crew blazes out into space past the broken up blockade, and makes a hasty jump into hyperspace.

Aniro: Level Up (5 + Brains XP)
Algae: Level Up (5 + Brains XP)
Dundalk: Level Up (5 + Brains XP)
Rake: Level Up (5 + Brains XP)
Sarge: Level Up (5 + Brains XP)



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