Star Wars: The New Republic

Episode IV, Part I: Family Man

Settling Debts

The crew comes out of hyperspace mere minutes after they left Kashyyyk, only to find themselves overlooking an asteroid base. Koarkee surmises that it’s a secret concentration camp filled with Wookiee prisoners that no would knew the location of. He says it would be ideal if they could get a detailed read-out of the base’s perimeter, so the rebelling Wookiees can liberate the slaves. Reluctantly the crew agrees, and after being spotted and told to leave immediately by the Imperials, Aniro lands out of sight on an asteroid while Algae shuts down the ship’s systems. Then they expel some thruster gas to propel the ship to the other side of the base, as the hull gets battered with asteroids. Meanwhile, Dundalk calculates the coordinates for the next jump by hand so that when they scan the other side of the base, they’ll be ready to jump immediately.

Obviously, the math on those coordinates was pretty bad, and the ship jumps to a random location in the middle of nowhere. All of a sudden they see an object hurtling towards them at break neck speed. It’s an escape pod! Aniro jinks the ship out of the way, but Dundalk can’t hit the pod with the ship’s tow-cable. So the pod collides with a nearby planetoid. The crew goes in for a rescue: Aniro rushes to open the hatch, while Dundalk rigs the ship to expel its plumbing system like a fire hose at the burning pod. They manage to save the life of a Duros woman named Bei’loo, who said her ship had been attacked by pirates. She thanks the crew and says she will gladly hitch a ride with them.

So the SS Lawnmower finally makes it back to the New Republican, where they inform Commander Blump of their rather eventful Life Day week: inciting a revolution on Kashyyyk, getting Blump’s son a Luke Skywalker figure, and the death of An’imol. Speaking of which, they left with An’imol before he could ever sign his release forms and paperwork, and now the New Republic is liable for his death. Blump needs the crew, specifically Algae, to smooth things over with An’imol’s wife Koo’mee. Before informing her, Algae sneaks onto Blump’s computer and forges the paperwork.

Then like a coward, he calls Koo’mee via comlink even though she’s on the same ship. He stumbles through the whole ordeal, and the Bith can tell that he’s lying about something. But Algae and Rake try to play up the heroism of her late husband, especially when talking to Arn’imol, her son. And in the end, right before he hangs up, Algae says that Koo’mee is his wife now, and Arn’imol his son.

When they talk to Blump again, the crew is upset that they have to pay back the New Republic for the Senator Stubbs, which will be garnished from their wages. Koarkee reminds them that they have a big payout on the horizon. They just need to go to Nar Shaddaa to meet his Wookiee contact with the credits. So they leave in the Lawnmower and head for the Smuggler’s Moon.

But on the way, Algae is woken up from sleep. He opens the hatch below his bunk to reveal…a scared and sniffling Arn’imol!

Aniro: 5 XP
Dundalk: 5 XP
Algae: 5 XP
Rake: 5 XP



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