Dugg the Bounty Hunter

Not the dried-up gun-toting Skid Row fanboy manboy


Dugg the Bounty Hunter
Class: Mercenary, Bounty hunter
Race: Talz
Unspent XP: 3
Credits: 8500
Force Points: 7
Level: 13

Attack 6D+2 Base 2D (agility ±1D±2)(lvl bonus ±2D) (Deadeye [crit 5+])
Defense 6D+2 Base 2D (cunning ±1D±2)(±1D)(lvl bonus ±2D)
Soak 4D±2 (Gritty – reroll once per adventure)

Brains 2
Technology 2 (max weapons 2, max gear 5)
Agility 3 (1D ±2 attack bonus)
Brawn 4 (soak is 4D±2) (Brawling ±1D)
Cunning 3 (Defense bonus 1D±2)
Wisdom 2 (7 force points)

[][] Stun baton (±1D damage)-
[][][][] Remove stun restrictor mod (±2 stun damage)
[][] Glue grenades, Cryoban grenades
[][] 2 Frag Grenades
[][] Blaster (4D)
[][] Lightsaber
[][] Vibroknuckles (+1 unarmed)
[][] Flachette Launcher (5D) (6 charges)
[][] Jet Pack (10 charges)

[][] Bounty hunter armor (±1D defense, ±2 soak)
[][] Reactive camouflage mod (±2 sneak)
[][] Binders
[][] Grappling Gun (gunnery check)

Key Skills

Brains (2)
[][] Aliens 4D
Technology (2)
[][] Computers 1D (race penalty)
[][] Mechanics 1D (race penalty)
[][] Astrogation
Agility (3)
[][] Sneak 5D
[][] Dexterity 4D
[][] Gunnery 7D±1
Brawn (4)
[][] Might 8D
[][] Intimidate (5D)
[][] Toughness (5D)
[][] Brawling (7D)(unarmed prof. = brawling moves twice)
[][][][][][] Haymaker (±2D damage)(vibroknuckles ±1) (6D ±1))
[][][][][][] Grapple (opponent can do nothing, can be continued round to round)
[][][][][][] Strangle (grapple first, then might vs toughness, opponent unconscious for 1d4 rounds on success)
[][][][][][] Knockdown (pushed back several meters, down)
[][][][][][] Disarm (might vs might check, disarm)
Cunning (3)
[][] Streetwise (4D)
[][] Investigation 6D
[][] Entertain/Intimidate [4+2]
Wisdom (2)
[][] Willpower (3D + 2 (class))
[][] Survival (Self-help holovid feat) 5D+1


Skirmisher (create a battlefield feature once per adventure with survival check)
Gritty (reroll soak once per adventure)
Unarmed proficiency (brawling moves twice)
Blaster proficiency
Melee proficiency
Blaster rifle proficiency
Self-help holovid (bonus to survival)
Deadly: You deal +1 damage.

Credits ????

Level: 6 Mercenary, 3 Bounty Hunter
XP: 0

Expert class abilities: Bounty Hunter

Binders (once per combat, might vs might to cuff and capture a wounded enemy)

Flame Thrower: Once per combat, you can make a Gunnery Check to hit everyone in a 5m radius for 4D damage. For the next two rounds afterwards they take another 3D damage.

Line Thrower: Once per adventure, you can make a Gunnery Check to shoot a cable from your wrist weapon to immobilize an enemy.

Poison Dart: Once per adventure, you can shoot a poison dart that instantly kills a Goon. Or against a Henchman or Elite, make a Gunnery vs. Toughness Check to make their Brawn -1D.

Core class abilities: Mercenary

Opportunist: When you attack a target engaged in melee with an ally, you deal ±1D damage.

Pick A Fight: Once per adventure, you can make an Intimidate Check to goad an NPC into a Brawling Match.

Battle Scars: You can make an Entertain or Intimidate Check to show off your scars and impress an NPC.

Bodyguard: Each combat, you can make a Defense roll vs. an attack roll against a nearby ally to avoid the attack.

Deadeye: Your critical threat is increased by 1 on all ranged attack rolls (if you roll a 6 on the Destiny Die, you only need a 5 on the reroll to confirm a critical hit).

Resilient: Once per adventure, when you are Incapacitated you can make a Toughness Check vs. the damage roll to remain conscious. You are still penalized by your injuries.

Ignore Pain: Once per adventure, you can make a Toughness Check to ignore damage penalties until you are Wounded again. DC 12: Wounded. DC 15: Wounded Twice. DC 20: Incapacitated.


Dugg the Bounty Hunter

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