'Gofer,' a protocol droid in service to the New Republic


Name: G-3PO, aka Gofer, aka Hot Rod
Race: Droid
Level: 14
Class: Droid [Servant 4] [Security 5], Diplomat [Leader 2] [Advisor 2], Bounty Hunter [Gadgeteer 1]

Health Status: full health

XP: 0
Bonus XP/Level: +5
Force Points: 7

Attack: 6D+1
[3D+1 (Agility) + 3D (Class)]
Defense: 8D+1
[4D (Cunning) + 2 (Armor) + 3D+2 (Class)]
Soak: 1D+2
[1D (Brawn) + 2 (Armor)]


Brains: 5D
+5 XP per level
Aliens 6D+1 (2 from protocol droid)
Planets 6D
Bureaucracy 7D
2 (+1 Knack)
Scholarship 6D
Command 6D
Alter n/a

Tech: 2D
2 weapon, 5 gear
Astrogation 3D
Computers 5D
Droids 6D
Mechanics 2D
Operations 3D+1

Agility: 2D
3D+1 base attack
Dexterity 2D+1
Sneak 3D
Piloting 3D
Driving 4D
Gunnery 6D

Brawn: 1D
1D soak
Intimidate 4D+2 (face tattoo – blood-dripping frog-dog + NO FEAR in aurebesh)
Athletics 1D
Brawling 1D
Might 1D
Toughness 1D
Control D_n/a

Cunning: 4D
4D Defense
Con 5D
Subterfuge 4D
Entertain 4D
Security 5D
Streetwise 5D
Investigation 6D (+1D, sensor package)

Wisdom: 2D
7 Force Points
Persuade 6D
Survival 3D
Perception 6D (+1D, sensor package)
Willpower 2D
First Aid 2D
Sense n/a

Droid Abilities

+1D to chosen Technology and Brains Skill,
-1D Dexterity and Athletics
Brains (3D/5D)
Agility (1D/2D)

Class Abilities
Unassuming: [Servant] Each adventure, you can forego having to roll a Sneak Check.

Assist: [Servant] Twice per adventure, you can give a +1D to an ally’s Skill Check before it is rolled.

Scapegoat: [Servant] People like to blame their droids for just about everything. Each adventure, while in your presence, every member of your party can make a DC 15 Droids Check to reroll a Skill Check.

Droid Pals: [Servant] Once per adventure, you can make a Droids Check to create a fellow droid friend wherever you are.

Droid Brain: [Servant] You have an upgraded heuristic processor. You can level in five Class Trees besides your Core Class (instead of four). Also, each adventure, you can use a Once per ability an additional time without using a Force Point.

Order: [Leader] Once per combat, you can give an ally a free action.

Micromanage: [Leader] Once per adventure, you can make a DC 15 Bureaucracy Check to make an ally reroll a roll.

Reinforced Chassis: [Security] Once per combat, you can reroll a Soak Check.

Unflinching: [Security] Stuns, except from ion weapons, don’t give you -1D.

Flame Thrower: [Bounty Hunter] Once per combat, you can make a Gunnery Check to hit everyone in a 5m radius for 4D(+1) damage. For the next two rounds afterwards they take another 3D damage.

Built-In Weapon: [Security] You have a hidden hold-out blaster that can’t be detected. Once per combat, if you’re also using a hand-held weapon, you can roll twice and take the better result when you attack.

Killing Machine: [Security] If you kill or incapacitate someone, you can attack again at no extra penalty.

Back-Up Programming: [Security] Once during the life of your character, if you are killed, you can live again in a new droid body.

Curriculum Vitae: [Advisor] Once per adventure, you can make a Scholarship Check to create a fact about your personal achievements and professional exploits.

Protocol Droid: You have a loyal protocol droid who accompanies and corrects you wherever you go. You get +2D to Aliens Checks when communicating with aliens. Once per adventure, you or an ally can reroll a Brains Skill Check. And once per adventure, you can make a Droids Check to have your droid “annoy” an NPC, distracting them.

Politico: When you use Bureaucracy as a creative skill, you can roll twice and take the better result.

Traveller: When you use Planets as a creative skill, you can roll twice and take the better result.

Educated: When you use Scholarship as a creative skill, you can roll twice and take the better result.

Cosmopolitan: When you use Aliens as a creative skill, you can roll twice and take the better result.

Blaster Proficiency: Can use blaster pistols

Blaster Rifle Proficiency: Can use blaster rifles

Self-Help Holovid: You get +1D to a Skill that is less than 3D (Sneak).

Knack: You get a +1 bonus to checks in a chosen Skill (Bureaucracy)

Deadly: You deal +1 damage.

Lucky: Once per adventure, you can reroll a Force Point.

Droid Quirks
Clumsy: Rolling 1 on a destiny die during any physical activity causes Gofer to fall over

Blump: In stressful situations, such as combat, Gofer loudly exclaims a pre-programmed line of dialogue recorded by his previous master, Commander Blump.

Credits: 0

Carrying Capacity:
1 armor slot, 2 weapon slots (technology), 5 gear slots (3+ technology).

- Built-in Holdout Blaster: 3D+1 damage
- Gadgeteer Flamethrower: Gunnery Check to hit everyone in a 5m radius for 4D damage. For the next two rounds afterwards, they take another 3D damage.

- Internal comlink
- Self-destruct mechanism (explodes for 8D)
- Storage Compartment (a secret compartment capable of holding a small amount of gear) (soggy, mysterious sabaac card removed from Fero’s butt — The Idiot)
- Magnetic Feet
- Sensor Package (+1D Perception and Investigation)

- Plasteel Armor (+2 defense, +2 soak)


Gofer was technically the property of Commander Oo’ther Blump before Blump died in the Battle of Thothis. Blump had a habit of tearing Gofer apart and stuffing him in a box whenever he was angry, and Gofer was transferred into Dundalk’s possession in this state. Gofer was repaired and rebuilt by Dundalk, but the precise details of his ownership are … unclear.

It is possible that Gofer possesses many sensitive New Republic secrets in his unwiped databanks, locked away behind passcodes (Blump1234). While he resembles one of many protocol droids in service to the New Republic, if it is discovered he was Blump’s personal protocol droid he may become an object of interest to many on either side of the ongoing galactic conflict.

Gofer believes his sole purpose is to serve (and most likely sacrifice himself) for the cause of the New Republic and at the command of his superiors.

Personal History:

- Blump’s personal protocol droid

- often torn apart and stuffed into a box when Blump was angry

- rebuilt/restored by Dundalk at the Jedi Academy

- inferiority complex from being ignored


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