Rorpoole Powndiee

Wild man.


Commando 7/Bounty Hunter 5/ Leader 1

Race: Human +1D to chosen Skill (Gunnery)
Stats: All (2D/4D)

Attack: 6D+2
Defense: 7D+1 (+2 Def Bounty Hunter Armor )=8D
Soak: 6D

Draw Fire: Once per combat, you can make an Intimidate Check to cause an enemy to attack you for 1d4 rounds.
Menacing Emergence: You have a way of emerging menacingly from shadows, bushes, bodies of water, etc. Once per adventure, you can make a Sneak Check to sneak up on an NPC and make them flee in terror.
Penetrating Shot: Once per adventure, you can make a full-round attack that reduces a target’s Soak by -1D on that attack.
Automap: Once per adventure, you can make a Planets Check to create a feature of an outdoor location.
Powered Armor: If your armor is functional, you have +1 Soak.
Tactical Descent: You can make a Dexterity Check to rappel or parachute down any dangerous drop.
E-Web: Each adventure, you can make your Defense drop to 2D, and spend 1d4 rounds doing nothing but setting up your E-Web. On each of the following 1d4 rounds, you can choose to: kill 1d4 Goons, kill a Henchman, or make a Gunnery Check to blow up a vehicle or structure.
Binders: Once per combat, you can make a Might vs. Might Check to cuff and capture a Wounded enemy.
Flame Thrower: Once per combat, you can make a Gunnery Check to hit everyone in a 5m radius for 4D damage. For the next two rounds afterwards they take another 3D damage.
Line Thrower: Once per adventure, you can make a Gunnery Check to shoot a cable from your wrist weapon to immobilize an enemy.
Poison Dart: Once per adventure, you can shoot a poison dart that instantly kills a Goon. Or against a Henchman or Elite, make a Gunnery vs. Toughness Check to make their Brawn -1D.
Jet Pack: You can make an Operations Check to fly with your jetpack. In combat, flying gives +1D Defense, and -1D attack, and you can make two long movements.
Order: Once per combat, you can give an ally a free action.

Stats & Skills

Brains 2

Aliens: 2D You use Aliens to know about an alien species’ culture and biology, and to speak languages.
Planets: 4D You use Planets to know about the geography, life sciences, and even the history and current events of a planet in the galaxy.
Bureaucracy: 2D You use Bureaucracy to know about the rules, laws, and protocol of various organizations in the galaxy.
Scholarship: 2D You use Scholarship to know about any field of study or knowledge that doesn’t fall under other skills. Some examples include ancient jedi lore, the galactic music industry, and vintage holoporn.
Command: 2D You use Command to direct NPC allies and to compel certain NPC’s to do your bidding. It’s also used to know about battle tactics.
Alter: 2D You use Alter for Force Powers that require it. This is only available to Force Sensitive characters.

Technology 2

Astrogation: 2D You use Astrogation to calculate hyperspace jumps, and to navigate through open space.
Computers: 2D+1 You use Computers to access information, manipulate systems, and write programs on computers.
Droids: 2D You use Droids to repair, program, and operate droids.
Operations: 5D You use Operations to use any piece of equipment, device, or ship system.
Mechanics: 2D You use Mechanics to repair anything other than droids, and to craft and build things.

Agility 3D-2=2D+1 (-2 Bounty Hunter Armor)

Dexterity: 4D+1 (3D+2) You use Dexterity to perform feats of dexterity, such as tumbling, diving, and moving out of the way.
Sneak: 4D (3D+1) You use Sneak to move around and hide without being seen.
Piloting: 3D (2D+1) You use Piloting to fly any ship.
Driving: 5D (4D+1) You use Driving to drive any ground vehicle.
Gunnery: 6D+1 (5D+2) You use Gunnery to fire any ship, vehicle, or artillery weapons.

Brawn 4

Intimidate 4D: You use Intimidate to coerce people through fear.
Athletics 4D: You use Athletics to run, jump, climb, and swim.
Brawling: 4D You use Brawling to grapple, and to use martial arts and improvised weapons in combat. It’s also used to settle quick, non-lethal fights outside of combat.
Might 4D+1: You use Might to perform feats of strength, like lifting and carrying things.
Toughness: 4D Toughness is your physical fortitude and stamina, and is used to resist certain attacks, and to endure harsh conditions.
Control 4D: You use Control for Force Powers that require it. This is only available to Force Sensitive characters.

Cunning 3

Con 3D: You use Con to deceive people with words.
Subterfuge 3D+2: You use Subterfuge to disguise yourself, forge physical and electronic documents, conceal things, perform sleights of hand, and gamble.
Entertain 3D: You use Entertain to captivate an audience, perform or compose a creative work, or even distract people with conversation.
Streetwise 5D: You use Streetwise to know about the galactic underworld: where to go, how to act, who to talk to. You also use it to haggle and bargain.
Security 3D+1: You use Security to bypass or escape from physical and electronic security.
Investigation 5D: You use Investigation to actively search for something (in the world and on computers), to track people and creatures, and to gather information.

Wisdom 2

Persuade 2D+2: You use Persuade to convince people without using deception.
Survival 5D: You use Survival to navigate and survive in nature, and to handle and ride creatures.
Perception 4D: You use Perception to passively see and hear things. You also use it to roll Initiative.
Willpower: 2D Willpower is your mental fortitude, used to resist social skills and abilities that affect the mind. It’s also used to resist the Dark Side.
First Aid 2D: You use First Aid to heal people and know about medicine.
Sense 2D: You use Sense for Force powers that require it. This is only available to Force Sensitive characters.


Correspondence Course: (Perception)
Self Help Holovid: (Operations)
Blaster Proficiency
Unarmed Proficiency: Can use Brawling moves twice per combat.
Blaster Rifle Proficiency: Blaster Proficiency required
Heavy Weapons Proficiency: Blaster Rifle Proficiency required
Self Reflection: increase XP gained at levels by 1.
Deadly: You deal +1 damage.
Armor Proficiency: -1


BlasTech DL-18: 4D

Sporting Rifle: 4D+1

Bounty Hunter Armor +1D Soak +2 Defense
-1D Agility
DC 20

Thermal Detonator

Thermal Det: 10D/8D/6D/4D
2m/4m/6m/8m blast radius.
DC 20

Medkit: Removes two injury conditions

Disguise Kit 250 Allows user to pass for a member of a similar sized humanoid species. +1D to Subterfuge Check DC 10

On Board XS Light Freighter

Trouble: Criminal Record

50 Credits

1/7 Force Points

0 XP


Rorpoole was born to a family of farmers on the Corellian world of Sacorria, a world dominated by the totalitarian dictatorship known as the Triad. For Rorpoole’s family, life was a grim march from one quota to the next. They were sharecroppers on their own land, after the government seized it due to their failures to meet the impossible standards of the regime.

For a young man on Sacorria, there were only a few ways to blow off steam. Phrenbi, a brutal blood sport much like field hockey, created by the Whiphids, was one. The other was illegal swoop racing. Rorpoole excelled in both, earning him both fame and suspicion in his small town. He was captain of his school’s team, rode a nice swoop bike he won in a race, had a couple girlfriends in wealthy families that didn’t like his bad boy attitude.

When he crashed his swoop bike into his school’s trophy case after a night of drinking and drugs, the magistrate handling his case knew exactly what to do with a rebel like Rorpoole. Ten years in Dorthus Tal, Saccoria’s massive, supposedly inescapable ultramax prison.

Over the next several years, Rorpoole navigated the complex and dangerous racial politics within Dorthus Tal in order to survive. He did what he had to do, and he wasn’t proud of it. Food, alcohol, and death sticks were the commodities of choice. Rorpoole was able to secure them from a sympathetic human guard who remembered Rorpoole from his racing days. Again, Rorpoole’s activities began to arouse suspicion and his guard friend suddenly didn’t show up for work one day. Rorpoole knew he was next, and decided he could either die in prison, or die escaping from prison.

Dorthus Tal was built next to a stable but active volcano. Most of its power came from geothermal energy provided by the volcano, thus making it immune to power failures. Rorpoole, however, knew that there must old magma vent shafts beneath the surface, and if he could somehow access them he might be able to find his way to freedom.

There were open magma channels running throughout the facility. Rorpoole surmised that if he could create a capsule that could withstand the heat of the magma and sink beneath the surface, he could survive long enough to ascend and access a vent to escape. If he was lucky, the guards would believe he died and not come after him.

Together with a Selonian engineer by the name Carnex, Rorpoole crafted a crude tungsten submersible with a magma ballast in the prison workshop. The craft was light enough to be carried by one man, and resembled a recumbent dirigible with a tin foil cover. They hid the device in an abandoned mine cart track leading to the repair shop. It took over a year to assemble.

Rorpoole’s Selonian friend was taken in for interrogation days before their planned escape. Rorpoole knew if he didn’t act fast, the whole operation would be uncovered. He made the decision to go alone, and on the day of his escape left a suicide note behind as he lowered the submersible into the piping hot magma. It’s swift current carried him away with great force, and within seconds Rorpoole knew he made a great mistake. Without the added weight of his partner, the craft was not able to sink below the surface. He could only hope that he would not be dragged along the roof of the channel and crushed.

The integrity of the craft was coming apart and the temperatures inside became unbearable. Rorpoole emerged to find himself in a large chamber adrift in a sea of liquid hot magma. He jumped onto a ledge at the last moment before his craft was swallowed up in a whirlpool. Over the next several grueling days, he was able to make it to the surface undetected.

He left Sacorria for good, vowing to never return, and to never again allow himself to be put in chains. He started a new life in Hutta space selling scrap and racing for the Hutts. He fell deep into drugs. His addiction to Luna-weed and prog-jizz had sent him into a paranoid psychosis. He was nearly left a vegetable. He lost a couple races, had some ill-advised affairs with his sponsor’s women, and soon had a hefty price on his head. He was captured and given a choice: work for the Hutts, or be frozen in carbonite forever.

He was going to choose the latter, but when he found out that his mistress,the Lady Shayne, was pregnant…he changed his mind. Shayne was Jemba’s prize girl, but the baby had changed that. She was cast out and sold into slavery. Rorpoole vowed he would make it right, but soon forgot as he sunk into life as one of Jemba’s henchmen.

Rorpoole was paid in cheap amphetamines and fuel. That was all he needed to kill. Life in Jemba’s palace wasn’t so bad. It beat the hell out of fixing grain threshers back on Sacorria. As long as he kept his hands off Jemba’s girls he could eat, drink, and smoke as much as he pleased.

Over the years Rorpoole’s services along with his allegiances blew like the wind. Jemba’s team of mercenaries was available to the highest bidder. Those were the bad years. The killing, the drinking, the whoring, it took a toll.

Rorpoole’s behavior became more and more erratic. He would go on weeks long binges, then write cryptic letters to Shayne and their child. Jemba the Hutt was paying close attention, and felt as if Rorpoole was becoming dangerous. It was only a matter of when, not if, Rorpoole would turn against him.

Rorpoole had become dangerous. He would kill at the drop of a hat, over nothing. His men had become afraid of him. He felt as if he were somewhere far away from himself, watching it happen. He would hear his baby’s cries as his mother tore him away in anger. He could smell the singed hair on his arm as he sailed out of hell. He could see the pale moon, Sarcophagus, rising over fallow fields. They always told him never to stare at it, but he couldn’t help himself.

Rorpoole had once made a promise to himself he wouldn’t again live in chains. But here he was. He also promised that he would take care of his son. He would have, if the boy’s mother would have let him. Maybe he wasn’t very good at keeping promises. Maybe it wasn’t too late to change that.

He bought passage off of Nal Hutta, headed to the Outer Rim. He bought a new identity for himself. He changed his face; his hair, his clothes. He started a new life selling vapor sticks to tourists. One day, a Selonian came walking up to his stand.

“We’re closed.”

“During the middle of the day?”

“Closed for you. Get lost furball.”

“Is that how you speak to an old friend, Rorpoole?”

“I knew you’d come walking down that road one day, Carnex.”

“Did you Dravas? What gave me away? Or should I say, what gave you away?”

“The letters to my kid.”

“He’s not a kid anymore, Dravas. He’s a man, and he doesn’t like you too much. "

“Well, can’t blame him there really. So, who’re you working for? The Triad? Jemba? And stop calling me ‘Dravas’. I gave that up long ago.”

“Neither. I’m looking at the only man to escape from Dorthus Tal! You’re a legend! Too bad you never existed.”

“Stop playing games Carnex, tell me what you’re after.”

“They erased your life, Rorpoole. You know why no one’s ever escaped from Dorthus Tal? Because they’ve been deleted. Your school trophies, your criminal record, your family and friends? They’re gone, Rorpoole.”

“Bah, that life was gone long ago! I’m not shedding any tears over it. Why should you?”

“Put yourself in my shoes, Dravas. I was rotting in a cell, arm full of needles, while you were cruising to freedom on my only ticket out of the joint. I sat there, stewing for another eight years over being betrayed by a man who wasn’t there. But I never sold you out, Dravas…”

“If you did they would have disappeared you too, Carnex. That’s not really what I would call loyalty. So, you found me before all the others, and you came here for revenge? Well, you better be quick. My bastard son and his whore mother, Jemba’s goons, or that shifty eyed Talz in the cantina will be coming for their piece any minute.”

“You think anyone still cares about you? You always were a narcissist. I’m it. And I gave up resenting you when I saw the sad, shriveled, raisin of a man you’ve become. I realized that I’ve been angry at the wrong people. They stole those years from us, Dravas. I couldn’t live with myself knowing I just let it happen. I think somewhere deep down, you’ve felt the same way.”

“So? What if I did? I’m just a crazy old man.”

“There’s a name for people like us…”

“Oh yeah? What’s that?”

“Rand McNally. The name’s Rand McNally.”

Rorpoole Powndiee

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